Bulimic And Pregnant

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sdillon78 - March 7

I have been battling bulimia for about 7 years. Just curious if there are any other pregnant women going through the same thing as I am. I have one daughter now, who is 2, I made it through that pregnancy really well, but I put on 67 lbs (prepregnancy I was 143lbs-5'8")....I definitly slowed on the purging, I went from like 3 times a day to 1 a week maybe if that.....now I am 13 weeks, and again going through the same thing, I know I have to keep everything down for the baby, anyways I know a lot more of this is out there, just not many people that come out and told friends and family about their problem. I am 28 now, and seem to think that I will be battling this forever.....???? I have been to counseling worked well for a while (year or so) then I went right back......so just wanted to talk to others who are having a hard time...if there are any here!


kristina1980 - March 8

hi, I am not one of them, but I sure support you to talk about it openly and look for help. I am a psychology major, so kinda interested in stuff like that. Does your doctor know? I know not everybody might be supportive and understanding, and many people will judge you, but I wish you good luck. Maybe you can find support group online? or in your town? Anyway, again good luck and stay strong. I wish I can help, but don't have the education yet.


sdillon78 - March 8

Thanks Kristina, unfortunately I live in a small town so there is not much help here I did see a wonderful psychologist though for a while that really helped me, but I stopped thinking I would be ok, and I think getting pregnant was great as well because it really helped me take care of myself.....my husband was really really supportive through the whole thing, we were together for 3 years before he even new anything and I finally broke down and told him, because I knew that it was getting bad....he bought like every book there was, to study up on it, your right people do not understand it, it is pretty complicated. My mom was just like "stop doing it" what's the big deal...she had not idea...it is like being an alcoholic...it is an addiction.


denimb__terfly - March 8

I battled bulmemia for years as well. During pregnancy I don't purge, but I have such bad morning sickness- it almost feels like I am anyways. I am not having any problems right now, but I am 12 weeks and I look fat- not pregnant to me and that is bothering me. I guess I just wanted to let you know you are not alone.


kristina1980 - March 8

Hey, that's good to hear you have supportive husband. Yes I do understand, that bulimia is exactly like any other addiction, actually including psychiatric treatment with meds. I was taking Paxil for many years. Did I really need it??? I don't know, it was just easy way to deal with staff in my head. but when I found out I was pregnant, I stopped. I couldn't imagine how will I make. I was off the meds over 2 months, and guess what. I feel ok. yes they are days I can't sleep, and feel like s*** but I developed my own emergency plan. I told my self if Ican't get better in 7 days than I will call the doc. I didn't plan on b___stfeeding because I thought I would go straight back on meds. Yesterday I told my doc I want to b___stfeed. I gues for me being pregnant and the healt of my baby is more important that own bulls***. I don't know if bulimics can develop something like my emergency plan, I don't know how you feel when you feel like vomiting, but I understand it's hard to fight your little demons. Again stay strong, you'll both will make it.



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