Bump In Cervix Is This My Uturus Entrance Hanging Low -pg111505633618

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Jessy - May 2

In my 1st trimester at 2 and a half months pregnant (after 2 pregnancies w/c-sections) I found this bump deep (at the end) in my cervix that has a little hole in it...could this be the entrance to my uturus just hanging from being stretched out by the other pregnancies? It never did this before on my other pregnancies..I'm very prone to have yeast infections....especially during pregnancy, so I try to keep them at bay by keeping myself very clean in there...what do you think it is..and has anyone had this before??


Jessy - May 5

Please, anybody had this experience?


Jessy - May 5

To be more specific...my husband's p___s can easily touch AND rub this BUMP during regular intercourse...it is only as far as the p___s can go up in there


Tina - May 8

Don't worry it's perfectly normal! I think you just notice it more after having children.


Hi - May 9

Cervix is the entrance to the uterus.


Kate - May 12

Hope this helps! the hole you might be feeling is proably the dimple (see below) The cervix is a vital part of a females reproductive system. It is the pa__sage way between your v____a and uterus. For those who aren't scared to locate where your cervix is situated, when you get some privacy, simply place your finger into your v____a and feel towards the back. It should feel firm and round, with a small dimple in the middle. Now for those who think it's 'taboo' to go venturing this far, well your wrong, you really shouldn't be afraid of exploring your body, it is natural to be curious. Knowing what your body feels like (especially your v____a and cervix is also extremely helpful in discovering any changes that occur within these areas). The cervix is actually the lower portion of your uterus, that dimple you feel is the entrance to your uterus. The uterus can be described as a hollow and muscular organ, which the endometrium lines. Get checked out if your still worried.


Kate - May 12

Hope people dont mind I copies the above from a website....



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