Calcium Deposit In Fetus Heart

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Erika Vasquez - October 17

I went for my foirst ultrasound today and that doctor found a calcium deposit in my unborn baby's heart? she told me that this could be related to DS but that my blood tests were negative. She did't really explain anything just left me worried! Is my baby ok? Please help me! I've been looking for definitions on this topic online but I can't find anything but unfinished opinions and more questions from more concerned moms to be! Thank you!!!!


Heather - October 21

When I went for my 20 week ultrasound I was also told that there is a calcium deposit in my unborn babys heart. I was told this is of minimal significance and not to worry. Of course I worrry. Talking to other mothers and so on I have been rea__sured that if something was dramatically wrong they would be doing further tests and monitoring my pregnancy as a high risk pregnancy. I am now at 35 weeks and so far everything is going well. Good luck.


April - October 21

On Wednsay, I went to a fetal specialist that advised me not to worry. This was a variation of normal and that statistically more women whose children are born without abnormalities are more likely to have the calcium deposit reflect in there sonogram rather than women whose children do have abnormalities. My mother stated that I had a bright spot and so did my sister. I am a Banker and she is a Sr. Accountant for Coca Cola and we are normal! I have faith that our babies will be fine!


Ana - November 16

I had the same thing on my baby's heart. I did the AFP test and it was normal. I also did Amnio and it was also normal.


just a warning - November 16

that afp test does give false negs just beware of that fact!!


MarieMerca - September 13

I'm 24 yrs. old and this is my third pregnancy and I went in for an ultrasound last week and came home in tears because the tech told me they found a calcium deposit in the heart! That's all he told me I am so scared and I'm so clueless about all this, please anyone give me more info. All day everyday this is all I think about.


btcee - October 23

i also had a ultrasound at 21 weeks. They said there is calcium in the heart. I am trying to get as much info as I can.


emunah - October 25

my baby had a calcium deposit at a 20 week sonogram. My doctor is not at all concerned. He said that he doesn't even know why they mention it on an ultrasound results anymore. He also said that he has never delivered a baby with a calcium deposit ALONE (meaning, no other markers of anything wrong) that hasn't been a healthy baby. Of course, I am still a little worried, but I guess that this is our jobs!


Beachbaby - October 26

My baby had a calcium deposit (echogenic foci) on his heart at his 18 week ultrasound. I was terrified he would have downs. My doctor told me not to worry that many doctors do not even feel that it is at all related to having downs. I opted against the amnio but still worried the whole time. My baby was born in July and was perfectly healthy. Keep the faith!



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