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livingtx - July 2

My doc seems to think I'm going to miscarry. I don't know what's going on. I keep having light bleeding or spotting. Here's the timeline: 05/17/06 -CD1- first day of LMP 06/02/06 -CD17 - ovulation (confirmed by Basal Body Temp and OPK) 06/06/06- CD21-4DPO (days past ovulation) - brown spotting 06/08/06-CD23-6DPO THROUGH 06/19/06- CD35 (17DPO) some sort of bleeding or spotting. 10 and 11 DPO, the bleeding was medium/heavy. Other days it was either light bleeding or spotting. 06/19/06 -17DPO (4w6d)- first Beta: hcg = 63 progesterone = 8.4 06/21/06 -19DPO (5w1d) - second Beta: hcg = 181 progesterone = 9 06/22/06-20DPO - spotting 06/27/06 - 25DPO (6w0d) - in ER for dizziness and low blood pressure - saw small sac in uterus - too early to see anything else inside. Was told that it was smaller than expected for 6w. hcg = 558 (from ER so no progesterone tested) 06/28/06 -26DPO THROUGH 07/02/06 30DPO (today) - spotting and/or light bleeding. Yesterday, it was bright red light bleeding for a few hours, then changed to spotting. Today, it is brown spotting. 06/29/06 - 27DPO 6w2d - third doc office beta hcg = 725 progesterone = 5.3 What does the low progesterone mean? My doc seems to think that I'm going to miscarry. My bleeding these last few days has not been heavy or anything close to a normal period. I have not had any cramping. Anyone experience this? I'm bracing myself for a miscarriage.


Britney23 - July 2

Hi Livingtx. Whew-took me a while to work thru this info, but heres what I can make out. Your first two numbers even more than doubled, which is great, but unfortunately, they didn't double nearly as much as they should after that, which is not a good sign. What seems to have probably caused this is your low progesterone. Its much too low to hold out a pregnancy- it should be over 15 at least. The progesterone keeps the lining thick for a healthy pregnancy, and ifs too low, the lining wont stay thick enough to support the pregnancy, and thus the hcg numbers won't double properly.. What I don't understand is why they didn't start you on progesterone supplements right away. See if you can get on them right away. It just might save your pregnancy, although it doesn't look good. Hopefully it will work, and if not, (G-d Forbid), you'll know for the next time. Good Luck Hunny....


livingtx - July 2

Thanks for your reply. Yeah, I was disappointed that my doc didn't put me on progesterone supplements. I guess since she feels like I'm going to miscarry.. the supplements would just slow the process down. I'm going to another doc for a second opinion tomorrow.


Britney23 - July 3

Well, maybe it is to late NOW, but why didn't she give them to you with your first numbers???? If this doesn't work, hopefully you'll be preggers really soon again, and then take a different doctor. I know what its like to be a victim of a negligent doctor. 6 months ago i had an ectopic which was only caught at 9 weeks. My doc kept on not seeing anything in my uterus at every sonogram, and just sent me home and said i would misscarry on my own! my hcg levels weren't doubling properly at all, but he was supposed to have sent me in for a laparoscopy at least by 7 weeks if nothing was seen on scan.... Anyways, Thank G-d, I'm now 12 weeks preggo and going for a u/s today-very nervous... Good luck. Let me know what happens.



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