Can A Cyst On My Overies Prevent Getting Pregnant

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bendora - January 20

i have a cyst on my left ovary can i get pregnant


Ngozi - January 24

I had a 12cm cyst on my right ovary, last May. My doctor tried giving me birthcontrol pills and it didn't work, so he performed laparatomy on me and removed it on the 14th of May last year. I'm now 8weeks pregnant. Don't worry you'll also get pregnant all you need is to put it in prayers.


Samantha - January 28

I have just found out imay have some cysts on my overys, can anyone tell me where i cn found some information on this matter, as my doctor gave me no information


Christine - January 28

Sam just look up ovarian should get lots of addresses to look up info...dont worry yourself though..good luck


tammy - January 29

yes because i miscrerryed with a cyst on my right overy.


Rebecca - February 2

I have had PCOS for a while and i would like to have a baby. is there any way i could get rid of them...thanks


Angela - February 3

I have the same thing and trying to become preg. A doctor can put you on a medicine to help you. E-mail me for more info.


James - February 7

I'm worried about the samething because my girlfriend has that problem and i'm worried we might not be able to have children. Please get back to me @


minnie - February 12

I had an ultrasound where they found a cyst 2 cm. They asked me to come back 10 or so days after I get my period. Why? Also, can they tell the difference it was a pregnancy? Could an ultrasound pick up 4 wks or so of conception?


Ranee - February 15

I have cyst in right ovary, I'd like to know it will cause hurt baby if I ready pregancy before remove cyst or same time it will be safe?. I have cyst for one year and finally will do this year will remove but problem is I might preancy ready before go ahead surgery to remove cyst right ovary so I wonder it will be ok with my baby and me?.


Missy - February 15

I have had continuous problems with cysts on my ovaries since I was 13 (I am 20 now) to the point where I have been hospitalized for a ruptured cysts and put on BC pills to try and alleviate the problem. I stopped taking the pill on 12/23/04 - got my period 12/26/04 and am now 7 wks pregnant on 2/15/05. I still have numerous cysts on my ovaries but they didn't impair me getting pregnant. Keep your hopes up, you will get your baby in God's time! Wishing you the best......


Angela - February 15

I found out that I have cysts on my overies at my 6 week checkup after giving birth to my son. Now I am starting to have sharp pains in my sides. Does this mean that my cysts are rupturing? Don't be discouraged. You can still get pregnant.


Nicki - February 16

Hi no i dont think a cyst can stop you from getting pregnant, i have had a 5cm cyst on my left ovary for around 2 yrs now and i am 2 mths pregnant. I thought the same thing that i couldnt get pregnant, but i am now and i couldnt be happier. Though i have a problem now that im pregnant the cyst is pushing the baby to the right and tomorrow i will find out what thwere going to do about it and i will let you all know what happens. If you have any questions please email me at


bobbinette Walker - February 18

I have a question too


joanna ryan - February 28

it could i have the same problen and i was told that i would have to have ivf to habve a baby .But i ha a miscarrige 2 yeras ago, And the i tryed to get pregant it took me 20 monthd now i am 8 moths pregant.


kirsty - February 28

well i have been told i have cyst on my overies and i am pregnant with my first child i have had a misscarraige before but that will happen so just keep hoping and it will happen xxx



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