Can A Cyst On My Overies Prevent Getting Pregnant

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heather - April 5

i belive i have a cyst on my left overie the reason ibelive this is when i ovulate it hurts really bad and when im on my cycle it hurts even more. we are tring to get pg and wanted to know if that will stop me from getting pg. i have not missed any periods or anything and i have been on the patch for almost 3 years and this last month was my first time off the patch to try to get pg. just tring to find some info out please let me know. thanks


Jacqueline - April 9

I just found out I had a large complex cystic right adnexal ma__s. Is there a chance i could get pregant again ?


Caroline - April 10

I just found out i had a cyst on my left ovary, when I got my period I had such bad cramps that I couldn't walk, and this never happens to me when I get my period. Could that have been from the cyst?


stephanie - April 13

Will being over weight effect me form getting pregnant? I have not had a menstrual cycle in about 2 months and I have irregular cycles. Is there any way that I can have a baby?


Yasmine - April 17

I found out that i had my first cyst when i was about 13 years old. I am now 19 years old. I got married when i was 16. Me and my husband have been trying for a baby for about 3 years now and i have not become pregnant yet. I have been on many drugs to help me have periods or to help me have regular periods and to help me become pregnant. I have had 5 miss carrages with my longes pregnancy being 22 weeks and shortest being 8 weeks. Doctors say they don't know what has caused it. I really want to know if anyone has had the same problem. I have tryed everything and now looking at my health in everyway to see how i can improve. Let me know what drugs you have tryed. Let me know how long it has taken you to get pregnant and how long your pregnancys have lasted.


jacqui - April 21

i have pcos quite bad my period never came for 18 months.but i have a daughter now to my doctors dont worry


Kimmie - April 22

One of my friends had cysts on her ovaries and the doctors told her that she cannot have kids, but a specialist told her that a regular doctor didn't have the right to tell her that.


Aswini - April 26

i am trying to get pregnant but i am not able to ,when i went for last check up my doctor said that u might have cysts.pls can anyone tell more about this,will i be able to become pregnant.pls reply my id is [email protected]


Yasmine date 27 April 05 - April 27

Im sorry to hear about your misscaraiges i myself have had five mis and pregnant with a cyst on my right overie i also have a lovely boy of 4 years old so dont give up hope.... Denise


Sam - April 27

You can still get pregnant without meds with a cyst on your ovaries it all depends on the extent of the cyst and size time you have had it and what kind it is. I found out today I have a follicular cyst on my left ovary in which before was told it was polycystic ovary they were wrong. I am having sever back side and stomach pains and some vomiting and other things along with it all caused by the follicualr cyst. My docotr is doing blood test to seeif it is cancerous after that goingto see talk about surgery to do away with it. I to am tryingto concieve have been for 6 years but due to the cyst they are thinking fertily pills is the way I will have to go. I wish you all the luck and I pray to you and all women who are goingto thouhg the pain that it causes in the process and difficulty of trying and hoping to concieve. GBU


heather - April 28

yes it can because i had a friend that had a sist and they removed them an right after that she got pregnant


No - April 28

I got pregnant with a cyst on my left ovary.


shayna - April 29

is it something you can die from should you worrie about it


amber - May 2

cna you still get prengnect if you have a cryst on your overes


Natalie - May 3

I have only one ovary due to a tumor that had to be removed. My chances are normal because you could never use all your eggs in one ovary.


ghausia selman - May 9

hi i had a cyst in my right overy and then i got operated and my left overy was plocystic but the doc cleaned it its been 1 year of my operation but i didnt conceive,,,



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