Can A Misscarry Hapen When You Only Bleed Really Light

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xxhannaxx - February 17

Hi ive had on and off spotin for 6 days now 5 days ago i had a scan i was 5 weeks 5 days they saw baby sac and everything in right place but no heart beat the said they do expect one and i should expect a misscarrage. how long will it be till i do i have been spotting but no heavy atall is that a good sign? i have to go bk in 3 days for another scan whats the chances i have already lost the baby i havent had no pain either? please someone asnwer


kimberly - February 17

First, let me say I am so sorry for what you are going through. It is hard to determine this early on, but not finding a heartbeat and the spotting are not good. Some women can never fully miscarry and will need a D & C to remove everything. A friend of mine just had a miscarriage and she lightly spotted for a few weeks and then began to bleed heavy she miscarried naturally and didn't have the D&C. Some women on hear have said that their Dr's. were wrong and that after a couple of weeks a heartbeat was found, so there is still some hope, don't quit praying and I hope it all works out!


jenny - February 17

I was bleeding heavy for a few days when I was pregnant with my first child. They told me to get into bed and keep my feet up. Then I had an ultra sound. I was six weeks pregnant. My doctor said that he thought my son was either a baby or a blood vessel, but at that point he could not tell. It was too soon for a heart beat. Don't think that you might be miscarrying until they tell you that you are no longer preg. My son is now 11 years old and very healthy. Stress is not good for you when you are preg. Just stay in bed til it stops, and keep your feet higher than your heart. You can hear a heartbeat in a few more weeks. A lot of women bleed while they are preg. You probably won't find out too much til you are about 7 or 8 weeks preg.



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