Can I Be Again

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Heather86 - February 6

i was ina major Car accident last 12/2007. i was 7 and half months pregnant. when the vechile i was ridding was struck on my side smashing the whole passanger side into my lap. i had a placenta Seperation. and that cause my 1st born son to pass away at 8:59 that night. i dies a few times on the table and on the way to the hospital. man i thought i could never live again when i woke out of CCU and found out that my 1st born son had passed cause it took. to long to cut me out of the vechile i was in and to get to the Er. i cried and i still cry to this day. i want to be Pregnant so bad it hurts. now it is about the 1st full week in February .. and i have been having some pregant systoms. is there any way i could be pregnant again. my god i feel that would bea blessing.. but. i dont mean to be so forawrd but i dont think i have hada period or anything at all. since the wreck i bleed for 5 weeks straight.. so i very confused.. someone please help


katyjp - February 7

I am so sorry, that is such a tragedy. I hope you are finding ways to cope. Have you asked your doctor how soon it is possible for you to get pregnant again? Have you taken an over the counter pregnancy test? Maybe try that first....or just go down to your OB's office and have some blood drawn. I am sure anything is possible. Good luck to you.


tryin44 - February 7

I have a good friend who found ouit she was pregnant at her 6 week postpartum checkup. It is very possible. Many women ovulate before they have their first period. I am so sorry for your loss and I hope you get the answer you are looking for.


embryo - February 8

It is possible. It depends on how quickly the uterus has recovered and the other pysiological things that take place, your LH and FSH hormones as well. I would recommend that you see your doctor and get tested. SLPMD



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