Can I Have Aids

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ashlee - August 12

me and my boyfriend got tested for aids before we had s_x...we both didnt have we had protected s_x and then about a week later unprotected s_x...well my friend told me that the tests can change or whatever or arent always we went to go and get tested again...turns out he has aids!! freakin out!! could i have aids???? please answer ASAP!!


tammy - July 11

First of all, you need to go get tested ASAP!!!! I don't see how a test could have missed full b__wn AIDS. Ive heard that sometimes people can have HIV and it not show up for months or even years. Did you go with him when he got tested? or did you just take his word for it, and how did you find out he had AIDS. He should have let people know that he was sick before he got into a s_xual relationship, and you both should have never had unprotected s_x whatsoever. Please go get tested and find treatment, I pray that you are well.


amber - July 11

its very possible that you could have contacted aids... i will pray as well that you dont. but please do get tested...


Nalina - July 12

In case, you turn out to be HIV/AIDS positive, get help to protect your unborn baby. Is that baby your first one?


anni - July 12

get tested! it iz lik a 50/100% chance


TOYIA - July 19

I pray you don't have AIDS and I wish you never had to endure such a scare. But you are a child of God and you are carrying a precious angel in your belly. So try to remain as positve as possible and even if you are infected please stay strong! please! This might be one of those situations where it is easy for me to say things because I'm not in the situation and I am aware of that. Please don't think i'm belittling your situation at all because I'm not this very serious but always remeber there is a light at the end of every tunnel and sometimes little specs of light along the way. God Bless Sweetie :)


kay - August 2

i pray for you... (all of us from MD)


sue - August 12

she didn't say anything about being pregnant.... but you do need to go and get tested and godbless you and hopefully you won't have it..


rick - August 12

yeah I think so



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