Can My Ovulation Be Later Than I Thought Please Help

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nicola.xx - March 6

i had my first scan after some brown discharge on 4th march. i was meant to be 8 weeks but the scan showed i am 5 and a half weeks pregnant. they seem to think my baby has stopped growing and i have to go back for a u/s on 11th march to see if there is a heart beat and a yolk sac. my lmp was 4th jan my first very faint pregnancy test was 5th feb pregnancy was confirmed by doctor on 15th feb could i have ovulated late? or has my baby stopped growing? what other explantion could there be the wait is killing us!!!!


to nicola - March 7

Did they check oyur hcg's? If the baby has stopped growing a good indication of that would be slow rising hcg level. Ask them to perform a blood test. Then have it drawn again in 48 hrs. The # should double every 2 days.


nicola.xx - March 7

no they didnt do that they just took blood to see if i have any infections which came back negative i did another pregnancy test at home today it is still very strong positive i just dont understand ive had no pain im so upset


nicola.xx - March 11

well i went back for an u/s today the pregnancy is now measuring at 6 and 1/2 weeks and a yolk has formed i go back in 10 days and am praying to see the fetal pole then has anybody else had this?????


heather - March 13

I had the same experience and fortunately had a very good outcome. I too was suppose to be 8 wks and the u/s should me at 5 1/2 to 6. They said the heartbeat was low and the gestational size was too small. It was so scary. They rescheduled me for another u/s two weeks later and blood work. The waiting was crazy and in the end, pointless. It turns out we were just off on our dates. When we went back two wks later, the heartbeat was at 140 and the baby was growing nicely. I know how frustrating the waiting seems and hope this gives you some positive feedback.


lucy - March 18

hi nicola i had the same thing as you last year and it was good news for me too i was 3 weeks behind and gave birth to a healthy boy doc said i must have ovulated late good luck


lucy - March 18

oh i forgot to mention i was also over weight at the time and the doctor said that that was a contributing factor!!!



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