Can Someone Describe Miscarriage

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ezwaggy - May 30

I've had spotting and bleeding for the past week, mostly spotting but this morning there was a gush of fresh red blood. I called my doctor and she basically said all i can do is wait and if the bleeding is persistant to schedule an u/s. I'm not sure why a week of spotting is not persistant but regardless it's killing me trying to guess what's going on. Can anyone tell me what their miscarriage was like? I'm not in any pain but even that is not reassuring b/c I feel like I've heard a lot of different things.


ezwaggy - May 30

I'm 8w1d BTW.


ladywy - May 30

My miscarriage at nine weeks went like this: Spotting at 6 weeks, brown and then light pink. Heard heart beat but next day started cramping, backache and heavy bleeding. Started having "labor pains" then delivered the placenta, then baby. Hope you make it through this difficult time and end up with a beautiful baby! LadyWy


Kira_lynn - June 2

My m/c happened at 14weeks, i found out at the 12week scan that there was no baby only a placenta measuring 40mm. My doc and i decided that it was best to wait for a natural m/c because he doesnt like d&c's for someone so young (21) The spotting started the same day i saw the doc. and then exactly 24 hours after (at 3am) i had cramps, that were 1minute long and happened every 3minutes. That lasted till 9am when i was in a lot of pain and went to the hospital. I didnt know that it is common to have labour type pains, and that you can stay home. When i got to the hospital i ran for the toilet in the e.r. I then pa__sed the placenta. It felt like a large ma__s came out. I flushed the toilet and sat there and cried. I was admitted and left 7 hours later. The bleeding stopped 4 days after. I am now pregnant again and am 12weeks and have seen my baby. I got pregnant a month after my m/c. Good luck to you.


SashaP - June 3

I had a m/c at 8w 1d. I started spotting brown on and off at 5w 3d never that much. I had an u/s and baby was fine. I kept spotting on and off so they had me come in at 8w and we found twins but only one was viable and the viable one had a great heartbeat. The next day I felt a gush with no cramps I went to the ER thinking I was losing the twin and I lost them both. The only symptom that I had was bad headaches for 3 days before and I bloated out very quickly I had to put on maternity pants to even go to the ER because my pants wouldn't fit. The next day I had to have a D&C the babies weren't going anywhere and it can take over 3 weeks to pa__s twins. I never had any cramps until after the D&C. I would ask for a u/s just so you'll know either way. Good luck and I hope your ok a m/c is the saddest thing you can go through.


Kristin72 - June 3

Oh boy..I would go to emergency ASAP..if you are saturating a pad..this can be an alarming sign... at your stage of pregnancy...things can be quite vulnerable. Atleast they can check to see if your cervix is still closed and if you even possibly need rogham if you wer rh negative..DO not hesitate to wait any longer it is your body and your pregnancy. I had a missed miscarriage at 14 weeks last Dec '05 and I did not pa__s blood ..however they say any bleeding can be a warning sign..especially is it is coupled with cramping or clots. I am currently 15 weeks 3 days pregnant and have had light brown spotting at 6 weeks and again at 9 weeks both for about a week long each time..but I went to emergency...I sould not have been able to sleep otherwise. Have your blood work checked to see your HCG levels, and they can do an emergency ultrasound....Good Luck to you.. XO Kristin


kee - June 12

Thats ABSURD. get a new doctor, pronto. once you spot they should see you the next day. 50% of women who spot in trimester one go on to miscarry. they usually cant identify the cause of spotting in women whose pregnancies then go on to progress normally, they just monitor you more closely. Technically there is no miscarriage if you dont expel the baby. its just a nonviable pregnancy, dead fetus, fetus that never developed (most common). Actually expelling the baby can take time which is why I recommend a D&C. Some women who have bad pregnancies experience pain and heavy spotting, others almost nothing and light or even no spotting (but then find out its a bad pregnancy on utlrasound). no way to tell anything without ultrasound. get a new doctor and good luck.



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