Can You Save A Ectopic Pregnancy

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Clair - January 17

I am 6 weeks pregnant, and i think it may be ectopic, i have a appopitment sechdualed for tomorrow. But does anyone know if there is a way to save the baby, i really don't want to lose my baby, if there is anyway to save it, i'll do it. Pleas help me with my question.


Jbear - January 17

I don't think there is...but what makes you think your pregnancy is ectopic? It's normal to have some cramping and stretching feelings, even that early in your pregnancy.


Clair - January 17

J bear- I think that cause of some information i was told and i looked up on. I have these horrible sharp pains in my left abdiomin. SOmetimes they can really hurt, they aren't really bothering me right now, tehy seem to come and you by any chacne think that is normal?


discovery health - January 18

i was wathcing discovery health a few weeks ago and there were a few cases of of them was a women was pregnant with twins that were "normal" inside her uterus but at a later ultra sound they found a third baby which was ectopic and the woman and all three of her babys survived and were healthy after they gained weight from being premature..I would say as long as everything is going good you and the baby are getting the nutrients you need to live and the doctors are not concerned for either of your two health then yes it is possible. The human body is capible of amazing thing


K - January 18

Clair, I had those pains too around that time and they scared me, but it was just my ligaments stretching. Of course, the bad thing about it was even though this is my first, I started showing really early and was in maternity clothes soon! Unfortunately, a true ectopic pregnancy can't be saved as there is no room in the tubes for the baby to grow. If not taken care of, the tube will eventually burst which can cause severe bleeding and endanger your life. Don't get ahead of yourself though, more than likely what you are feeling is normal.


jg - January 18

I was the same Clair - at six weeks had the most incredible sharp pains and thought that was the end of my pregnancy, but they eased and I now have a healthy and happy baby boy. And yes I have heard of eptopic pregnancies being viable - very risky and painful, I believe, but if a baby can be saved then you'll put up with anything! Best wishes - hope it all works out and there are no problems. Please let us know how you go!!


cathy - January 27

sorry, but no.


Honey Bee - January 27

The same thing happened to me... I was postive that it was a eptopic but low and behold it was just a cyst that was because of the pregnancy good luck.


worriedntn - January 30

what is the supportories


V.V - January 30

Sorry, but I went through a eptopic pregnancy about 8 mths ago & it wasn't any fun at all. Can't be saved though once it's stuck, but don't worry until you've seen your doctor.


ladygirl - January 30

I read once of a woman who carried an eptopic pregnancy to term.She was unaware of where her baby was untill further along in her pregnancy though.. I'm sure if you googled it would come up. Its a rare thing to happen and have mother and baby survive to my knowledge. Most doc's would want to remove the fetus beacuse it's very dangerous for you to continue a pregnancy in your tubes as it can rupture and you can have significant bleeding so its potentially life threatening.


V.V. - January 31

I know there are many types of eptopic pregnancies. My case I had the egg stuck between the tube & uterus. My tube was removed & a small incision was made on the uterus. It's been 8 mths now & we're trying again, but I'm just worried if my uterus will hold up. Anybody heard of this type of eptopic pregnancy & positive outcomes?


Daniella - February 5

V.V. hey... actually I had an ectopic like yours exactly 3 years ago...With removal of the right tube. Been pregnant 3 times.. The first pregnancy after the ectopic took one year.. lost that from a natural miscarriage. 2nd pregnancy took 6 months after that and I got actually got pregnant from my right ovary even though I have no right tube. Somehow it made its way to the left tube and got sucked in. It stopped growing at 7 weeks and I had a D&C... Only 5 weeks after the D&C I got pregnant again and am now 27 weeks... the 2 loses I had after the ectopic was only because my body wasn't producing enough hormones and this pregnancy I had supplemented the moment I found out. Nothing to do with the prior ectopic. Anyhow, it may take time since you only have one tube... but, not impossible. My first baby is due on Mothers day this year. :) Keep your hopes up!!!


V.V. - February 6

Daniella, that is so good to hear coming from someone that has gone through it. I know the doctors say one thing, but it's always more rea__surring when another female informs you of what is possible. I know things happen for a reason & we're patiently waiting for that same miracle that has happened for you. I just turned 30 so can't wait till we're blessed. Thanks for telling me your story it really helps calm me down & CONGRATS on your baby. What a beautiful way to celebrate Mother's Day. Thanks again!!


Daniella - February 6

V.V.- yea, I have a good feeling that you'll conceive again and in the uterus next time. Just the patience suck, but its well worth it. I am on 3 years this week from my ectopic pregnancy. But, I think you'll have a baby in your arms well before 3 years. :) Alos, are you seeing a fertility doctor or have had any test?? How is your other tube?/ have they looked at your uterus lately to see that everything looks great??


V.V. - February 7

Daniella, thanks for the support it really helps understand everything. I never thought something like this would ever happen to me being so cautious of my health, and always in sports. Seems everyone around me is having babies left & right w/ no problems so it can be frustrating. No one in my family on either side had gone through this or even heard of eptopic pregnancy not even me until it happened. I haven't made any appointments w/ my doctor, but I will now that you've brought it up. Just really didn't know where to go w/ all of this happening. Thanks for everything! Take care.


Daniella - February 7

V.V. - quick question... do you have regular periods?? if so, whats your cycle length?



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