Cervical Incompetence-a

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Ujay - February 25

If someone with an incompetent cervix is given a cerclage, at what point is the st_tch removed?


Germaine - February 25

Generally a few weeks before your due date. Ask your doc


Megan - February 2

Just wondering if anyone has ever gone through a cervical cerclage or been diagnosed with a uterine septum(?) I am currently 10 weeks pregnant and the septum was found on the last ultrasound. They will repeat the u/s on Feb 16th and then decide if treatment is needed. I would appreciate any info anyone could give. Thanks!!!


tathope - February 5

Usually the st_tch is removed around 36 weeks. I have one in and my doctor told me that at 36w he will cut the st_tch in the office. I have had a very scary pregnancy at 21w they put an emergency st_tch b/c my cervix measured .5cm. But now i am at 31w and counting the days until my daughter is born!!!


Brandi - March 21

Hi there,I'm 21 weeks pregnant.At 15 weeks,I had to have a cerclage done because I lost 2 kids when I was 23 weeks and 24 weeks.My doctor said that the cerclage will be tooken out at 36 weeks.Hopeful everything will go ok and I can make it to the 36 mark.


Jbear - March 22

I had a neighbor who had been born without a cervix. She has two healthy, beautiful children. Good luck, all of you!


Gloria Tembo - April 1

38 weeks


Gloria Tembo - April 1

i am 16 weeks with a multiple pregnancy. my doc says the st_tch will be removed at 38 weeks


lucy - May 17

37 weeks


Pennie - May 17

I have to have the st_tch put in, in 2-3 weeks and my doc said at about 38 weeks all going well.


enaam - August 31

iam pregnant at 13th wk and 5day, this is my 2nd pregnancy, the first one end by abortion at 10th wk. i do U.S scan today and the finding are cervical diletation of 2.5 cm.do i need cervical cerculage operation and at what time of pregancy.thank you for help



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