Cervix Position At 5 Wks After Slight Spotting

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SL - January 22

Hi everyone. I am 33 yrs old and 5 wks pregnant , my last full term pregnancy was 13 years ago :-) . I come to find that I feel like this is my first and I know nothing lol. anyway, I started spotting on Friday (the 19th of Jan), went to the clinic on saturday and she said that everything seemed okay, but she just did a va___al exam. After which I seemed to spot a little more , doctor told me it was possible, My cervix was closed. She told not have s_x just in case. I did a cervical exam myself this morning (monday, the 22nd) the opening of the cervix still feels closed BUT I had to dig around a bit , the opening feels like it's tucked under, and facing my back somewhat. I have a doctors appointment this morning, so I'm going to talk to him about it but for now I'm wondering if this is normal. It seems firm as well not too soft or mushy like I thought it should be. It also seems not too hard to reach with the index finger. I understand with spotting and if your cervix is closed, it could be a threatened miscarriage, so I haven't been doing to much, daughter and hubby have been doing most of the chores around the house. My point is.....is my cervix in a good spot? I'd think having the mouth of the cervix tucked under like that is my bodies way of protecting the opening from infection. Any opinions? Thanks


DownbutnotOUT - January 22

1 thing is I wouldnt have checked or check my cervix again especially if the dr didnt want you having s_x. Anyway what happens when your pregnant is that the cervix closes and goes back real far, its completly normal for it to be hard to reach, thats what you want! Also I have alot of trouble determining weither my cervix was soft or hard because my cervix never gets really hard even during af.


SL - January 23

Yeah I know. I check my cervix on a regular basis even before I found out I was pregnant. It's a very sensitive organ, and any pokin' or proadin' in there can cause faint bleeding or spotting especially when you are pregnant. The doctor sent me for some blood tests to make sure my HcG levels are where they should be according to the progession of the pregnancy. I'm also going for a trans v____al ultrasound which I am nervous about because I've never had one like that before. I'm also not to have s_x until further notice...my hubby is not a happy camper about it LOL but hey it's for my own good and the good of the baby. He also mentioned the spotting could be nothing OR something is not attatching properly which I don't understand. Which is the reason for the Transv____al ultrasound I suppose which is easier to see the uterus in early pregancy. I'm still very concerned. I don't feel sick or anything. I get little discomfort here and there but nothing to make me go "ouch"..know what I mean? I also have a very low threshold for pain (I consider myself a wimp actually lol) So I felt any kind of "pain" or "cramping" I'd know it...I think Lol..I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome so any pain I get it's from that, I know it. Because pain is usually relieved once I have a movement...anyway.....I've become obsessed and have been doing research and reading other womens experience at 5 wks and it gives me a little comfort in knowing I'm not the only one and some women continue with and uneventful pregnancy. Thanks for your opinion. Oh yeah, the doctor told me that my cervix / os will most likely move a bit now and again and it's normal. He also said that if at any point I get alot of pain along with spotting to go the E.R...other than that...he didn't seem worried at all.



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