Cervix Shortening In Week 21

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Sony2003 - December 18

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone else knew or had cervix shortening around week 21. I have to have my cervix checked every week because I had preterm labour at 21 weeks in my last pregnancy. Last week I was over 4cm in cervical length, and this week I am at 2.87cm...I am seeing my doctor on Friday about it, but the Ultrasound tech said it was still fine. What I have been reading on the internet concerns me about being at risk for preterm labour again if at 2.5 cm...Will it continue shortening or will it stay like this for awhile before it shortens again? I am already on partial bedrest at home and am not working. Any ideas or advice from anyone who knows about this would be greatly appreciated...it feels like forever until I see my doctor on Friday. Thanks.


ShoppingForTwo - December 18

My cervix was normal at 21 weeks and I was 5cm by 23weeks. Needless to say, my daughter was born early. This pregnancy I get a cerclage at 13 weeks and 17p shots weekly starting at 16 weeks to prevent preterm labor. You should look into those, especially if you are already on partial bedrest. Are you seeing a peri or a regular ob? You should be considered high risk. With both of those preventative treatments I'm getting bedrest for me is not necessary. Well good luck, if you need to call your doc before Friday then don't be afriad to. Did the ultrasound tech let your doctor know how much your cervix has shortened? A ultrasound tech isn't a doctor and is not allowed to advise you on what's ok and what's not. I'd like you to hear that from your doctor, ya know?


A-n-a - December 27

I measured at 2.5 in my 21st week (currently at 26w6d). Went to a peri (whom I already had) and then also had the fetal fibronectum(sp?) testing, which came up negative (meaning a less than 1% chance of delivering in the next 2 weeks). Had one a week ago too and it was also neg. The peri put me at much ease by stating that yes, 2.5 and below they start to get concerned, but when it's 2.0 and below is when they get really concerned. I'm not on bedrest and I have been getting a lot of BH contractions and I'm on terbutaline to stop premature contractions. It's a week by week thing, but it seems like my uterus is just funky and irritable and it doesn't mean that you will for sure deliver early. Worrying makes my problems much worse. So, as hard as it might be, relax and take it day by day. Maybe you can get the ffn test to put your worries at some ease for now. So far, my uterus is about the same as it was (by touch, they haven't done another u/s). Anyway, I'd love to hear how your visit went.


Sony2003 - December 27

Thanks for the answers. My appointment went well. My doctor said they took about 3 different measurements when they checked my cervix and they put the lowest one, but he said he wasn't that concerned yet. He also rechecked my cervix on that day and it was 3.1 which is still within the normal range. So I know so far everything is still fine. He said he doesn't get that concerned until the cervix is around 2cm or less before 24 weeks, and I am still well above that. We'll have to see what I am at at my next appointment in a week and a half. For know I am trying to remain optimistic that everything will be fine and I will make it to April. I am currently 22 weeks 4 days.



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