Chest Pain And Back Pain

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~E~ - July 6

I posted this post in the general questions area, but thought it might get more attention here. Has anyone experienced chest pain along w/ mid-upper back pain? Not a sharp pain more of a pressure. I am 30 weeks and I am having is quite uncomfortable to try to sleep. It is not heartburn. I am tired of going to the doctors for every little thing and wanted to know if other have experienced this during pregnancy.


Christina - July 6

Hi E-- Well, I am 16 week tomorrow and I haven't experienced any back pain, but I have had some chest pain. Since it seems worse when I take a deep breath, I figured it was muscular so I didn't worry too much, but I still asked my dr. about it. He said it wasn't anything to worry about. I looked on the net about this and I have read that preg. women sometimes feel pressure like pain in their chest and to consult your dr. just in case it is something serious. You might just want to call an advice nurse and find out what to do. I hope you feel better-- Good luck!


~E~ - July 7

Christina, thanks for responding. I posted a longer post in the general questions forum. I called an advice nurse yesterday and she thought I should come in as it did not seem to be normal pregnancy related pain. However, when I went in, the doctor at the center suggested it was the baby on a nerve... I don't think it is the baby's position. I am not having the pain right now, but... Honestly, I am more concerned about the back pain....that bothers me more than the chest pain.


allison - July 24

YES. I am 24 weeks pregnant and I experienced both chest pain and back pain at the same time. It has only happend twice so far (in the past week) and I hope that it does not continue because like you said it is hard to sleep. The pain decreases when I lay on my side or stand up. It increases whenever I lay on my back and when I breathe in deeply. Most people probably think that it is realated to the extra weight pregant women must carry in front but I have a very small stomach for being 6 months (I still do not look like I am pregnant). I haven't seen my doctor yet because I have an appointment early next week so I am just going to wait until then. I have come to the conclusion that it may be stress related because i have a very stressful job. If so I will need to take my leave early.


lilypod - July 25

am 29 weeks and have also hed chest pain left sided feels like pressure inside ribcage hard to describe and worse at night time


Rebecca - August 2

I haven't had chest pains but have terrible lower back pains, I had a kidney infection about 2 years ago it is is similar pains so think I have a kidney infection coming on, I am 17 weeks pregnent, does anyone know if this could affect my baby?


Mal - August 9

I am only 8 weeks pregnant and have chest pain/pressure any time I lift or breathe deeply. It is a recent development and I am definately not carrying any extra weight yet. Hope you all get some relief. Best of Luck, Mal


Hazel - August 10

This morning I experienced the same symptoms. I woke up with upper back pain accompanied with chest and neck pain. Whe I tried to breathe in and out, it was more painful but subsided once I got up. This is pretty scary so does anybody have a definitive answer for this. I am also 24 weeks pregnant and have had trouble sleeping when I reached my 20 weeks.


Monica - August 11

Yes. I am 23 weeks and very worried about this chest pain. I'm not sure if it's related but I have also been throwing up a lot (which is kind of ironic because I never even experienced the whole 'morning sickness' stage like other women do). I feel like it might be kind of silly to call my doctor with questions about something like vomiting but these chestpains are worrisome. It feels like a strong pressure on my upper-chest. What did your doctors tell you when you guys inquired? My best to all of you, I hope you all feel better. God Bless.


Emily - August 14

I am on vacation and having terrible chest pain. Deep breaths seem to hurt the worst but I feel very uncomfortable overall. I'm also not showing at 19 weeks but I couldn't suck my tummy in for the first time this morning! Will I be in trouble if I take advil!? Tylenol just dosen't help! Good luck to anyone with this condition! IT'S AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


cesifford - August 17

I am now 24 weeks pregnant and for about the last 4-5 weeks I and have been experiencing chest pain and right upper quadrant pain(below my right b___st).The pain is worse @ night and after I eat.It feels best when I lay on my back or sit up.When I 1st got the chest pain I went to the ER and they said it was indigestion and chest wall inflammation.I don't think that it was indigestion because I had taken pepcid and maloxx and the pain lasted over 10hours.2 weeks later I was experiencing vomiting, diarrhea and chest and side pain.I was admitted to the hospital for 3 days and had a ultrasound of my gallbladder and a CT scan of my abdomen.Both tests were normal.My Dr. says that even though the tests were normal it doesn't mean that there isn't something going on with the gallbladder and that it presents as chest pain because everything is being pushed up by my growing uterus.I am not very big yet either and I am carrying low so I don't know!The Dr. started me on pepcid 2 times a day,and Vicodin and Darvocet for pain.I try not to take the pain meds but it hurts so bad I usually take @least 1-2 pain pills a day.I am also constantly nausaeated and have no appet_te.I haven't been able to work or do much of anything I am so miserable.I was relieved to read that other women have experienced the same type or thing.I just want to let others know what I have been experiencing.


Shea - September 26

I had chest and back pain for the first time the other night. I am 16 weeks. It felt like someone was pressing an enormous amount of weight on my chest that went straight through to my back. Also, my arms felt very heavy like I had to concentrate to lift them. I figured the emergency room would blame it on heartburn or indigestion so I did not go. I have a doctors appointment this week and I am taking a copy of your comments with me to show my doctor along with my own description. The pain lasted all night. It finally subsided after taking Tylenol and using a heating pad while lying propped up instead of flat.


Monica - September 26

I don't think you guys have anything to worry about. My pains went away within a week. My doctor a__sured me that it was probaby just the positioning of my daughter and it would go away soon. And she was right--within days, I was completely cured of any pain or discomfort. Hang in there ladies, it'll all be worth it soon! :) God Bless!


candaceann - November 24

I know this is an old thread, but is anybody currently experiencing this... I am and have had 2 EKG's in the past week and have an echocardiogram scheduled for Monday. I hope all of my pain in just pregnancy related. THanks in advance for your replies!


Love1234 - January 4

Hi everyone Been having a couple of chest pains here too . anyone figured out what was going on with them ??


ghazal - March 11

hi ladies, im 26 weeks pregnant and I have this sharp pain on my left rib cage since more month, every night. Its too sever at night and specially when i sleep on sides. sometimes so unbearable that i get out of bed and walk around.. i read the whole thread did any of you find why it happens or when/how it will go away. WAITING FOR REPLY thanks! *happy baby making* :)



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