Chicken Pocks And Pregnancy

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Rebecca - August 10

My sister is pregnant and is in about her 12th week. Her first born has been in contact with a child who has contracted chicken pocks. My sisters first child has already had the chicken pocks but is worried her child may now pose a problem to her unborn child. Is there any risks. What should she do?


brucen - August 10

Yes, there are risks. It can develop into pneumonia for the mother. Her baby can be at risk for birth defects such as defects of muscle, bones, malformed or paralized limbs, a smaller than normal head, blindness, seizures or mental retardation. However if she has already had Chicken Pox--which is most likely, as it is a childhood disease-- don't worry so much because she is probably immune. She should inform her health care provider that she has been exposed.


claire brown - November 22

I am 30 weeks pregnant, I had my newphew over night not last night the night before and have just found out today that he has chicken pocks, could this affect my unborn child?


Reb - November 22

Claire, if you have had the chicken pox before, your baby is probably safe. If you have not, you need to call your doctor.


Jodie Macdonald - July 8

please help me. I have previously had 3 miscarriages and doctors can't tell me why but recentlly i have fallen pregnant and i was around a 18month old who had come in contact with chicken pocks. We don't know yet if he has them but can you tell me if there is an immunisation that you have or what ishould do? Please help i am very wooried and being on a weekend no one can help me.


Bernadette Trudgen - December 30

My daughter is 6weekss pregnant and has been in contact with children who are infectious. Is there any risk for the baby.


No - December 30

Risk to the baby if your daughter has already had chicken pox. More than likely she has, one of you must remember. If you can't rememver you can be tested to see if you have. Check out the first post here. Please don't worry most of us have had chicken Pox or were exposed to it as a child and now have some type of immunity.


pauline - January 11

I have supected chicken pocks at teh moment and a waiting for the results of a blood test, i'm 9 weeks pregnant. I saw the same info on another website word for word as what brucen had posted only at the end it also says that only 2 percent of babies whos mothers has chicken pocks were affected and that the defects can be picked up on a scan. so try not to panick if you are in the same situation as me - you still have a 98 percent chance that your baby will be fine.


pauline - January 11

I am 9 weeks pregnant and am waiting for the results of a blood test to confirm whether or not I have chicken pocks at the moment. I read the same info as brucen did on another site and also wanted to add chicken pocks only leads to defects if you have it in the first 20 weeks (so claire you're ok) and that even then it only affects 2 percent of babies whose mothers had chicken pocks. so try not to panick if you are in the same situation as me. there is still a 98 percent chance that your baby will be fine. also the defects show up on ultrasound so you won't have to worry for long.


elaine - March 27

im 22 wks pregnant and my friend took her little girl to play with my daughter and has just told me she forgot her child was in contact with a child who has chicken pocks, i am so concered for my unborn baby incase my daughter pick up the infection,


nicoleo - September 11

can you get the chicken pox's twice?


Tory1980 - September 13

I had this problem with my third pregnancy - son was in school where every child seemed to have it. I phoned my doctor to discuss any problems and he told me that as long as I had had it before I was fine. If not I needed to go in for an innoculation against it. I had it as a child and he said there wasn't a problem.


Jellyshelley - March 23

Hi, I am in desparate need for advice, My 8 year old son was in contact with a child that has chicken pox. I am 22 weeks pregnant and a bit worried, my son told me they were only in the same room for a short period of time and he was only in the house for about an hour ( he was supposed to stay the whole weekend).I have had CP before but not bad will my unborn baby and I be okay? Also what are the chances of my 8 year old getting it?



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