Chorionic Villus Sampling CVS

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Mommy in Progress - November 20

Both my husband and I have been diagnosed as carriers of Cystic Fibrosis. We have decided on CVS, but now I am really scared. All the information I could find states that "some women feel discomfort", "some don't", "there might be an increased risk". This is too clinical for me. Has any one been through it - I'm scared of a positive pregnancy result, as this means CVS is not too far off.


kazforrest - November 23

I didnt have one but my best friend did we are both 37 and therefore have increased risks but my combined test came back 1:3700 and hers came back 1:49 so she decided on CVS. There is a 1% of miscarriage so it was worth the risk to her. My consultant recommended against it. She said the it was uncomfortable but very worth it for her.hope it helps


Mommy in Progress - November 26

Thank you Kaz. This does help. My chances are 1:4 for a CF baby, so the risk is extremely high. 1:100 for a miscarriage seems worth the risk then. Maybe it is described as "uncomfortable" to not scare people, like me, who have very good reason to go through it, into not doing CVS.


ShoppingForTwo - November 26

Unless you will get an abortion if the results come back positive, then I don't think its worth the risk. . . Just my personal opinion. If you want to be prepared than read up on it. . . A LOT. What if the test comes back that your baby is perfectly healthy, then you miscarry because of the test? Just a thought. My doc gave me a phamplet on CVS, and all the pregnancy and newborn tests at my 1st appointment. The CVS test also carries a higher risk of the baby born missing a limb!!! That's crazy right! How does a CVS test cause that?! I don't know! I just know what the little booklet said! I believe an amino is less risky, but still miscarriage rates are high. I would suggest that you just do A LOT of research, THEN decide what's best for you and if you can live with any of the possible outcomes



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