Choroid Plexus Cysts CPC

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Skyla - October 25

Please hsare your story if your baby has been diagnosed with CPC at your 2nd trimeser ultrasound


thejr2913 - October 25

My daughter had cpc's at my 18 week u/s. I was crazy reading everything on the net. I questioned everything should I do an amnio. We opted to wait and see. Was this your only marker? My daughter turned 4 last week and is perfect. I hope all is well for you.


Skyla - October 29

Yes, This was the only marker. Everything else on the ultrasound looked perfect. We are not persuing with any test either. I know we will love this baby no matter what. The doc said that it isn't much to wrry about but it's hard not too anyway. Thanks


annab - October 29

yup...Oct 23 was my 2nd trimester ultrasound and they found 3 CPC's ...two of them 3mm and one 9mm so yeah freaked out otherwise no other abnormalities. I had an NT test in the first trimester and that went OK so I'm really just hoping I get a healthy baby. I have another ultrasound on Nov 27 but it really doesn't matter if the cysts shrink or not (since they don't effect the baby in any way)....they are just checking to see if everything still remains normal. I'm at 21 weeks so at this point...why should I get an amnio done ? I was debating to do it and have peace for the rest of my pregnancy but I don't think I could handle losing the baby due to the amnio so I will just take my chances. I think the doctor wanted me to get it done because I'm 36. Hopefully I get a happy ending. Hope you get one too.


Terri 1812 - November 6

`hi my baby had higher risk for downs, we didnt want amio as risk was to high. so we had a detaled scan. it showed two cpd on both sides of her brain both measuring 5mm. so had anouther scan at 24, 28 and 32 weeks the cysts had become smaller by 32 week now measure 4.5mm. We were very worried. now have a very heathy and lovely baby that is developing normally. she is now 10.5 months. so i had all that worry and got a beautfull and heathy baby.


jilo77 - November 6

I had my 18 week u/s last week and they discovered 2 CPC's on my otherwise healthy baby boy. It was a level II u/s so the perinatologist really spent alot of time checking the baby. My AFP bloodwork came out pretty low risk for trisomy 18 so I have opted not to do an amnio since the risk of the amnio is much higher than the risk of trisomy 18. I have another u/s in 9 weeks to see more of the baby. My perinatologists says it doesn't matter if they resolve or not since even babies with trisomy 18 can resolve. The CPC's themselves do not cause any brain damage or retardation of the child and the perinatologist said many adults walk around with CPC's and are totally healthy. I am very nervous but am praying that my little boy will be okay. There are many great websites that show very promising, one that listed if CPC's are the only markers than your baby has less than 1% chance of trisomy 18. You are not alone.


Skyla - November 12

Thank you everyone. I will have another ultrasound around Dec 7th so we will see. Now that I know a bit more about it I am no so freaked out. But I guess worrying is part of motherhood. I will keep you all posted.


bellygirl - November 15

My soon to be healthy four year old, was diagnosed with CPC at 17 weeks (approx.). I was devistated. I read so much about them that I freaked myself out. However, the staistics out there are in our favor. CPC occurs in about 10% of normal pregnancies. Of the 10%, about 90% diminish on their own. These are very good odds. I had to wait about 7 weeks between ultrasounds b/c that is how long it takes for the CPC's to change. I'll never forget the relief and joy I felt hearing that the CPC's had diminished on their own. I hope this helps. Let me know.


jilo77 - November 15

Thanks for sharing your story with us! I have to wait another 8 weeks until another level II u/s to see if my baby boy's 2 CPC's have gone away. I am trying to be positive. I declined an amnio because there was nothing at all else wrong with him and the risk of amnio is much greater than my perinatologist said my risk of trisomy 18 was. And God forbid it came back positive, I don't know if I could terminate. I feel him move inside and I just have to have faith that he will be okay. I really just feel it is in God's hands.


redmondsky - November 17

Yup = we were diagnosed with a CPC on our 20 week other markers (we did blood testing = all clear) on our follow up ultrasound - it had resolved and was gone. I bet you are just fine - keep thinking positive and ENJOY your pregnancy.....



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