Circumflex Placenta

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jamib - June 7

I was told today that I have a circ_mflex shaped placenta. The doctor said this has been correlated with both low birth weights and miscarriages, as the baby can stop growing with this condition. I can't find any information on the web about this, does anyone have any information or have had this condition? I am 14 weeks pregnant.


lindsay - June 7

do you mean circ_mVALLATE placenta?? i have never heard of circ_mflex... but i have a circ_mvallate placenta if that is indeed what you have... and i'm 40 weeks today! i'll tell you all i kow if you want to talk, but there is some info about this type of placenta, most is just redundant... and be prepared to see some disturbing photos in your searches... i know, it is terryfying...


lindsay - June 8

jamib, i know what you mean! i was in shock the first day i found out and then fell apart the next day after it sunk in that there could be a potential problem... well, here's my story, it'll end up being long, sorry in advance, lol! when i had my first ultrasound, i was about 20 weeks. the tech noticed what she kept referring to as an "accesory" on my placenta, and called 1 of the doctors in to look at it. well, they studied it but then had a hard time seeing it so they brushed it off as a uterine contraction that distorted the shape of my uterus.. so, my baby wasn't cooperating and had her legs crossed the WHOLE time, so they let me schedule another u/s for a couple weeks later to try and see the s_x... so i just mentioned what the other tech had seen to this new tech, but she couldn't see anything. so i 'm waiting for the ok from my doctor to leave upon her oking that the u/s looked good, but we were called back in... as she and the tech were studying my pictures, they saw what the other tech had seen, and wanted me to see a specialist... (at this point, i still had no clue what was really going on, no one has said "circ_mvallate placenta") so about a week later , i went to the specialist and it was confirmed and he talked to me abou tall the possible complications due to this type of placenta: (same as what you've been told as far as growth restriction that can be as severe as iugr, miscarriage/preterm delivery, and maternal hemmorhage.) like i said, it took a good day or so to sink in, but when it did i was SOO upset! well, the specialist orderd ulteasounds every 4 weeks up until 32 weeks , then i went every 2 weeks along with fetal non stress tests every week after 32 weeks, to monitor growth and baby's overall conditon... see , it's catch 22--every week is a blessing, but the bigger the baby gets, the harder it may be for the placenta to support him/her... but please know that everything can turn out fine! i can attest to that.. i was due yesterday! so i made i t full term w/ no sort of incident! all they can really do is watch the baby closely... if s/he isn't thriving, they will do what needs to be done, but in talking to my doctors, as rare as this is (1% of pregnancies!) it is something thay have seen frequently enough over the years to know that there is a better chance of nothing going wrong than something! now, i was banned from s_x/orgasm and traveling, because of the possibilty of hemmorhage, and i'll be honest, i'm scared for the delievry because it is still a possibilty, buti 'm trying not to think about it and just concentrate on getting my little girl here safely! (i am being induced on monday and am having my last u/s and nst tomorrow!) now it would appear her growth has bee pretty good, although it seemed to start a little on less than average, but then she really sprouted, but then seemed to slow again, so i'm not sure if this has anything to do w/ the placenta or not, but my doctors are not too concerned because 25%-90% is considered "normal" and she has always been at least 35-40%, but she was in the 70% for awhile, so that kind of sent up some red flags when she dropped back down to 40% in matter of weeks, but i was already 38 weeks by then, so nothing was done! i'm curios to see what they project her to be tomorrow and how close she'll actuall be to that! so the best i can tell you is educate yourself about this, although , like i said, so much of the information is really repet_tive on different sites, and it may or may not help you to see pictures of this conditon... all they can do is really monitor you, and if you start to bleed, get to the hospital asap! but this doesn't mean iminent doom, i am proof of that!!! do you know if yours is partial or complete? mine is only partial, which has probably given baby a little bit better chance than a complete circ_mvallate, and they can't even see it now because my baby is so big... so most of these cases aren't even discovered until the delivery of the placenta, because unless caught early, it often goes undetected ! just as a side note, a guy my dad works withs wife had this and had a big healthy baby, no bleeding! so while it CAN be a very serious condition, from what i learned about it over these past few months, it is usually FINE more often than not! i really hope this helps, i wish i would have had someone to talk to when i found out... no one i knew had even heard of this! please don't hesitate to talk to me anytime! like i said, i'll be delivering by monday(or before, i hope!) so i 'll have disappeard for a little while, but i will come and check this thread as soon as i can, and i'll be here in the meantime! GOOD LUCK! and how does baby look so far? i know you'll hold your breath every ultrasound from here on out,but on the bright side, you'll get to see your baby every few weeks! i loved that! you'll be in y thoughts and paryers!!


jamib - June 9

Thanks so much for your message!! It really helped. i think mine might be a complete circ_mvallate only because i could see it so clearly on the videotape i had brought in with me. do you know if bleeding is the first sign of something going wrong or can something have happened to the baby without any symptoms?? as i'm sure you have felt for months, i feel like the worst part is going to be going from ultrasound to ultrasound without being sure if they're going to find out that something went wrong.... well, good luck and congratulations! you must be very excited for Monday and i'm sure everything will go great as sure you are close!!


lindsay - June 10

hi jamib.. as far as the bleeding thing... that doesn't necessarily mean that there is a problem w/ the baby, but it obviously could lead to that since hemmorhage would most likely be from detatchment at the sight of circ_mvallation... and obviously, our babies need that placenta to be attached, being their lifeline and all! so i would say if you have any bleeding/cramping/pain, to call your docter immediately... actually, if you are bleeding, i would just call an ambulance, unlkess someone can get you to the hospital faster! that was always my plan , anyways... it was definitely not something i was willing to sit around and contemplate whether i should wait it out or not! the fear with thse babiy's size comes from these types of placentas being too small and too "weak" to carry a sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrients to the baby for normal rate of growth... but i always ask how mine looks, and they say it doesn't appear to have shrunk or show signs of necrosis (another problem w/it, the tissue can die) so i really think it is a matter of the degree of severity.. i know that being said probably doesn't help much since you really won't know that until it is delivered, bu ti am optimistic for you, because i was so petrified this whole pregnancy , but everything has turned out fine! as for the ultrasounds... just know that those are what keeps you sane, constantly getting to peak at your little baby, knowing s/he is doing ok, and if not, the doctors are going to do everything in their power to make sure that if they need help, they will get it! set miniature goals for yourself... even though they are beyond your control, don't think , i have to get this baby to 40 weeks... think, if i can last to say 28 weeks, there's a good chance my baby will be able to survive ..then once you get there, shoot for 4 weeks later... i know it almost seems morbid and silly since , of course you'd let that baby cook for 40 weeks if you had the choice, but it helped me to hit mini-milestones in my preganancy, knowing each week made things better and better!


lindsay - June 21

hi, i had my baby girl! i did end upo w/ a complication from the placenta, it wouldn't deliver, and then came in pieces, but not all of it. i had to have an emergency d & c... but all is well , me and baby are great! my entire birth story is on the 3rd trimester board... what's your latest news?



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