Cleft Pallet And Birth

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Samantha - February 2

I was wondering cuz my baby has a cleft pallet, when I go into birth can a take anything for the pain? And also could it affect a baby with a cleft pallet?


Lilu - February 15

A cleft pallet is usually caused by a amnotic band?? Do you have this loss tissue hanging from your uterus? And no ive never heard of the meds hurting the baby during delivery. The doc know what they can give and what they cant.


Information - February 26

I'm not sure what Lilu is refering to (amniotic band and tissue hanging from your uterus), but a cleft lip and palete are thought to be caused by a lack of folic acid in the mother's diet in the first trimester of pregnancy. Neither medications (epidural or other kinds) nor v____al vs. c-section births will affect the baby for delivery. Have you asked your Dr. to refer you to a pediatric surgeon yet? You will need on when the baby is big enough to have the repairs made.


august baby #3 - March 1

How did you find out your baby has cleft palate ? i went to a geneticist and they told me that i had a higher probability of a baby with cleft palate or cleft lip but that an ultrasound or amno could not diagnose that.she pretty much said that it would be unknown until birth. I have an hmo though and am starting to wonder if she is just telling me this. If anyone knows how this can be diagnosed before birth, please post it. thank you


Britt - March 2

My baby was born with a cleft pallet because her toung was pushing up against the roof of her mouth. My diet consisted of plenty of folic acid.


July Baby Charlie - March 9

My husband and i just founf out that our baby will be born with a cleft palate and a cleft lip and i have been taking plenty of folic acid and have been taking care of myself. My grandmother though was born with a cleft lip and it can be hereditary. Meds during labour will not hurt your baby. Cleft palate happens to one of every 600-800 babies.


taraxander - March 17

I was born with a cleft pallet and cleft lip. I had a son two years ago.. They were able to detect whether or not he would carry this gene. It is hereditary. My son was not born with a cleft pallet. But the gene will pa__s through him. I've also heard that it is a lack of iron. All I know, that if you have kids that are born with this, be there for them. It is so hard to go to school being different. I was teased horribly in elementary school.. Luckily my mom was always there..


texansgal - March 4

I posted a new topis about this and then found this one... sorry! I had the 4D ultrasound done this past Saturday. I noticed that my baby has a fat lip, but my husband and I both have big lips so I thought nothing of it. When he saw the video, it worried him that our baby might have a cleft pallet. I am going to call my doctor tomorrow but if there is nothing that can tell, how would I know for sure? Thanks a million!


lissasmom - March 7

I have a team of Dr's who are going to repair my baby's cleft pallet, it is genetics that cause cleft pallets. If it does not run in the family your baby could have been the one to start the gene. Medicine can not hurt or help a cleft pallet it was formed in the first trimester.


raquelfour - April 12

My nephew's wife just had a baby with a cleft pallet - only about 25% of the cases are inherited. There is no history of cleft pallet in either family - the doctors told them the other 75% of cases is probably a combination of poor nutrition, drug use, or a disease the mother contracted while pregnant. They found out about the cleft pallet when she was only 5 months pregnant through a series of ultrasound and test. The baby was delivered via c-section, so meds should not cause any problems to the baby during delivery.


Deysi_Mendoza - February 18

I am now 5 months and 2 weeks pregnat, I got a call from my doctor saying that he is sending me to the OSU hospital in Columbus Ohio for a more in depth ultrasound, to see if my baby boy has cleft pallet. Maybe they can tell that way... other wise I don't think my doctor would send me there for an ultrasound...


Bumblebee - February 20

I am glad to hear that they can do surgery for the cleft. Do u know how successful surgery is for cleft? I have never seen it and just curious. I was told progesterone suppl during preg can lead to cleft and so was concerned. Then I heard that it can happen anyway and chances are about same w/ or w/out prog supp. So, a little confused. Don't know much about our family hist of cleft.


sarah21 - February 21

Depending on the severity of the clef lip/palate, surgeries are generally very successful. If you've seen Joaquin Phoenix, then you've seen a cleft lip repair. It gives him a very distinguished look, I think. It's definitely not the end of the world to have a baby with this abnormality! It causes feeding problems in the beginning and if the problem is severe, a feeding tube may be necessary. Also multiple plastic surgeries may be necessary but ultimately it will be fine.


Bumblebee - February 21

Sarah - I just googled J. P. and yes, it looks fine. I can barely tell except in one pic looks like a small vert scar above upper lip just left of center. This is if I really look, otherwise, hardly can tell. ... :) Thanks.


ILoveMyBoos - February 12

Joaquin Phoenix did not have cleft pallet repair surgery. He wasn't born with a cleft lip.


mrsSalem - April 3

I just want to let all of you know that you may be making too big of a deal out of the cleft lip and pallet. I was born with a bi-lateral cleft lip and pallet (lip was connect on both sides and no pallet) and sure i had many surgeries of a span of 15 years but that was 25 years ago and you really have to look close now to tell that anything was ever wrong. Medicine has come so far that they can repair the cleft in just a few separate stages and now you can not tell at all that the child ever had a cleft. If your child is born with this, don't fret so much be thankful that they are healthy babies, this is near the bottom of the list of horrible birth defects (if you can even call it that) at least it is repairable!



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