Clots In The Uterus

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Jessica - June 27

I am about 5 months pregnant, a little less. I am only 16 and pregnant with my first son. I had heavy bleeding earlier in my pregnancy caused by a clot inside my uterus. The clot is still there, but shrinking. The doctor said that everything should be fine as long as the clot doesn't grow any bigger. My question is: Yesterday, I was at my boyfriends band practice. I started to feel a little wet, but not anything that I had to run to the bathroom to clean up. I was wondering if that could be a slow leak in the fluid? I still can feel him moving. I am pretty paranoid with this clot, I don't want anything more to go wrong. Thanks for your time and help


jamie - June 30

The best you can do is take it easy. Discharge can be normal, keep a good eye on it. Good Luck


amy - July 5

i was spotting around 8 weeks. Dr. said it was normal and it went away. I also had an ultrasound done to see how far along i was. That was how they discovered my clot. Dr. said no s_x to see if it would come out. I asked what if it didnt come out and he said that it would disolve. so i wasnt worried cause he acted like it was no big deal. Clot never come out. continued to have s_x. I moved so i got a new doctor at 21 wks. had another ultrasound. Bad news. My clot was still there and the baby was a month behind in growing and my amniotic fluid was leaking. From what i understand, the clot is causing the baby to not get enough oxygen and nutrients that it needs. So i have been put on bed rest and drinking lots of fluids. They were wanting to admit me in the hospital but they didnt because the baby only weighed 1/2 lb. I am now waiting for my baby to get up to a pound. I am sorry i dont mean to worry you because your case is probably different. I am just very worried for my baby and i just trying to find answers for myself. so if anybody knows email me at [email protected]



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