Cocaine Before Pregnant

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Zink - February 6

Just wanted to ask a question. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but I thought I would try anyway. My husband and i have recently decided that we would love to try to conceive. I drink and occasionally take cocaine. I haven't touched cocaine for at least 6 months, and when i did take it it would be sharing 1 gram with about 2 other people once every 1-2 months. Anyway, like i said i hadn't taken it for about 6 months until January when i took it twice 1 week apart, then stupidly this Saturday and I start ovulating around the 10th / 11th of Feb. I was so excited to fall pregnant but now feel that i'll have to wait at least another month before i try incase my eggs and my husbands sperm are not as healthy as they should be and could lead to birth defects. Otherwise i have been really healthy, eating well, exercising and hardly drinking. I don't know why we did what we did, it was so pathetic as i was so ready to conceive. Maybe it was the fear of becoming responsible and leaving our wild partying days behind, which crazily enough we'd done a long time ago and were more than ready. I can't justify this type of behaviour, I just want some advise if anyone knows on whether it is not a good idea to try now. Please do not judge me, I know cocaine is wrong. Anyone who has been in the same boat would really help and anyone else who has useful information and knows what they are talking about. Thank you


Jenny - February 6

Hello, That sounds like kinda a c___ppy deal at times. You should like you know your priotires and everything though, so thats great. cocaine enters the bloodstream of the developing fetus and has the potential to affect a baby's development. Your right that cocain is known for having defets on the baby. Cocain usually will be in your bloodstream for 72 hours, of course it all depends on how much you have done. If you are really serious about this, as much as i know it would be hard on you to wait..i would recamed trying to go two months or more with out doing any cocain and drinking if yuo can, and then after that if you find yourself that you can do it with no problems...then go on for you baby there haha. Sorry i can't be too helpful for you, but hopefuly i helped you out a bit. Goodluck with everything.


AshleyB - February 7

I agree with Jenny, If you can go about 2months with out it, then try for a baby, your body will be clean and healthy as well as your hubby's(if he abstains also, of course) then you should go for it. I would definatly make sure you get all of this partying out of your system before bringing in a child though, make sure you're ready to be a boring, non-partying adult. You wouldn't want your child doing it, so don't do it either. Try to think of what you would say to your kid if you caught them doing it. Anyway, I'm not judging you, I had my party days with drinking too, but if you 're ready for a baby you won't have any desire to do that anymore. I'd at least give it a month to make sure it's out of both of your systems. Good Luck getting pg in the future.


Zink - February 7

Thank you so much for the advice! It really helped.


elane - February 23

I think that if you can't go more than 2 months with out cocaine then you should wait to have children! they take up a big part of your life and there is no room for cocain and children. You might want to see what means more to you because I don't think you and your husband are ready for a baby! think about it????


Byrdie - March 10

I did coke the DAY I got my BFP!! I was shocked to be pregnant. Anyway, I am due next month and I have had an amnio and several 2D & 3D ultrasounds and our baby is just fine!!


To Byrdie - March 10

I'm not trying to upset you or anything, but even though tests are accurate about some things...Don't trust them 100%! Anything's still possible. Everyone gives me that c___p, so it's rubbed off on me now. :P


topaz - November 15

Hi ‘Zink’ just wondering how your pregnancy journey is going? I’ve come across this feed as have found myself in a similar situation with minor cocaine use. Would love to hear how your story ends up! 


monikadavid - June 7

Hey, I hope you are doing well. I personally think you should wait. This stuff is not good for the child at all. It can lead to defects and I am sure you don't want to ruin a life because of your activities. Children are a blessing and should be dealt that way. Everyone above is right it is time you leave the party side and become an adult. When you start planning to have children there is a lot that you have to change about yourself. Other than this taking professional advice is always handy.



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