Confused Im 16 PLEASE HELP

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kyrascene - September 29

my boyfriend and i have had s_x a couple of times and everytime he has pulled out except once. but that time we used a condom but it came off inside of me. when i got it out the c_m was inside it so i dont know if any got inside of me. my last period was july 25. ive never kept track of my periods so i dont know how long my cycle is. i never got a period for august or september. its almost october now. sometimes i have cramps like im about to start my period but it never happens. and two or three times i have found a small spot of blood in my pants but never in the same week. i have took two pregnancy tests but both have come back negative. im 16 and i dont want to tell my parents until im absolutely sure so i cant tell them to take me to the doctor or anything. please tell me if you think im pregnant or not and what i should do.


andy - September 30

is there any way you can take a blood test with someones help... because if you are pregnant Prenatal care is very important and you would be like 9 weeks by now ... Good luck!!!


Tory1980 - September 30

When did you take the tests? I would suggest doing another one and if it is still negative to go and see a doctor. You don't have to go with your parents and it would be better to get checked over in case there is something else delaying your period.


Sonrisa - September 30

I would take another pregnancy test if you have taken one in a week. Most likely you are having problems with your cycle and not pregnant if you have taken a recent test. Most test are reliable. Your delayed period might be caused by stress.


kyrascene - October 4

i started my period yesterday!! yay!! i appreciate you guys taking time to answer my question though. i guess it was all just stress or something from thinking i was pregnant. yeahhhh but anyways thanks a whole lot. i was considering all of your suggestions.



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