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lisanik - December 28

HI My husband and I were trying to get pregnant. Well we only tried a couple of times and then I started my period. So we decided to hold off for a while. Well about a week after my period was over I started spotting. I asked my sis n law (who works in L&D) she said it sounded like implantation bleeding and that I should take a preg test. Well I took 4, the first 2(1 of these was a blood serum) were faint positives. The last 2 were definatley positive. Ends up Im about 8 or 9 weeks pregnant. The whole time Im still spotting. I spotted light and moderate amounts for about 3 weeks then all of a sudden stopped. I took another preg test and it came out negative, What is going on? Im so worried. Has anybody else been through something like this or have heard of anything like this. I made appt at the Dr but will not be able to get in until after the new year. Its driving me crazy and I dont want to wait that long to see whats going on w me. PLEASE HELP!!!!


jademaiden - December 28

Hi Lisanik, it sounds like you might have a chemical pregnancy/early missed miscarriage... Did you go in for a HCG beta test or an ultrasound? How do you know you were 8 weeks pregnant? I have experienced something very similar... The embryo might have tried implanting, but couldn't and your body is now expelling the tissue. Make sure you go to a doctor, get an HSG beta test done (to check if you are still pregnant) and if you are, you will need an ultrasound to make sure there is a sac in your uterus and that the pg's not ectopic. If you have severe pain, go to the emergency room immediately because it may be ectopic! Is the bleeding red or brown? I would call your doctor and at least as them if you can get your blood drawn for HCG... it will tell you if you are still pregnant, and if you are, how far along you are.



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