Confused I Dont Know Whats Going On

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celediaz - November 7

im sorry if this question has been asked a thousand times..but no one can answer me and i am really confused. (and im sorry if theres tmi) but heres my question. im supposed to get my period [nov.6] i had s_x on sat. [nov.3]. also on october 13. ive been trying to get pregnant for months already. nov.5..i started feeling some kind of cramps.. went to check if i had my period but i only had a little line it was not really red but more of a pink with some clear discharge... later on nov 6 i saw that i had almost nothing on my pad but kind of alot of blood came down when i used the bathroom. then later at night it stopped so i thought it was gone. today nov.7th im getting clots when i go to the bathroom and some on my pad. i also noticed that my nipples are turning kind of a purple-ish color... im getting scared because i dont know whats going on. this never happened to me. if you can answer me or help or know anything about this i would really appreciate to hear from you. thanks!


Newlywed - November 8

Hi Hun. Try not to stress too much. Have you tried doing a pregnancy test? It is such a worrying time. I am almost 7 weeks pregnant and my body is doing such strange things. I dont know what is normal anymore. Some people continue to bleed and have spotting during their pregnancy. You could be pregnant and your body may just be adjusting. I would make an appt with your doctor just to be sure - I am sure they will understand about your concerns. Most pregnancy tests are very advanced - some can tell if you are pregnant before you have even missed a period. The digital ones are worth the money! I had to do 3 tests before I would believe it. Keep in touch. x


celediaz - November 8

congrats on your baby!! no i havent tested waiting to stop bleeding. but as soon as i stop i will, or go get a blood test not sure.i think a blood test is more acurate right? but im so scared ..if it says neg i dont know..what else could it be? well thanks for your answer! and good luck with your pregnancy! =)



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