Confused Over Scan Results

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julie - August 5

I have been spotting for 2 weeks now, my last period on 28th May 04.By this date 9w6d .At 8 wks went for va___al scan they told me this pregnancy is probably not viable and to have it repeated in 10 days.They could see yolk sac,no fetus or heartbeat.For 5 days no spotting but bad cramps then it started again spotting .I went yesterday at 9 weeks 6days lmp for follow up scan they are saying to wait another week as it is inconclusive.This time they can see a fetus which has grown several mm,but again no heartbeat .How can it still be growing without heartbeat .They also said it was only 5.5 weeks this cannot be i know my dates are correct.I am going out of my mind i am so confused.


Katie - October 6

The dr's won't be able to hear the baby's heartbeat until between 6-12 weeks of pregnancy. Some women as weird as it may seem they spot all the way through pregnancy. My grandma was one of these women and her baby's turned out fine. I am also saying that it sounds to me like your obgyn doesn't know what he is doing and I would find another dr. Or at least get a second opinion from another dr.


ANG - October 8

I do feel your pain. I am in the same situation right now. i thought I was 7 weeks yesturday and yesturday I started spotting. I went to the doctors becouse I have had a misscarriage before. They did a v____al Ultrasound and said that I was only 5 weeks and it was to early to tell. They also did an exam and said that they could not tell yet. I only spotted in the morning for a short time bright red, then again today in the morning bright red. The did say that red is a good sign and so it pink. I know that when I had my last missacarriage it was brown and then lots of blood. I have to go back next week for another exam. I do know that sometimes they cant her the heart beat till you are 12 weeks along. Seeing a growth in the fetus is a great sign, so try not to worry. From one worried mom to another this is one hard thing. I do pray for you and hope all will be well. My doctor did not say that this was not a good pregnancy. he just did say for me to try not to worry and hope and keep our fingers crossed that things will be ok. Good luck



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