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laughingmama - January 15

Hello, I am looking for other stories of women who became pg on the copper IUD, specifically (the Mirena is a different breed). It's hard to find good info out there about this so let's keep this thread focused to help others looking for this info. :-) Here's my situation: I had my Paragard IUD for nearly 7 years with normal regular periods, no cramps, etc. I have 3 healthy school-aged children. I was shocked when I suddenly began experiencing pg symptoms. I am very in tune with my body and something was up even though I had not yet missed a period. It started with waking in the middle of the night to a cramping on one side of my abdomen. It didn't hurt but was uncomfortable and kept me awake for several hours (NOT like me at all!) Then I began having sensitive br___ts, gassiness/bloating, frequent urination, and a sort of metallic scent to my urine that I have ONLY experienced in pg. I had this sudden KNOWING that I was pg. This was completely out of the blue and unplanned. The week before my period was due (I am NEVER early), I had a clear jelly- looking discharge, then very faint light pink spotting when I wiped, then a bit brownish. Then I started passing small mucousy dark clots that would slip to the bottom of the toilet when I peed. There was really no bleeding, no cramping, no pain, no tissue. It never filled even a pantyliner. It smelled nothing like a period. I wondered if I was having an early m/c? I went in to see my DR on Day 26 (I get my AF on Day 29/30) and asked her to remove the IUD b/c I felt weird having it there (WAS it even there?!). She found it, along with the blood from the clots, and removed it after about 15 minutes of trying. She said my cervix was closed. Hm. She ran a series of tests thinking I might be peri-menopausal, though I didn't think so (I'm 39). So...the tests came back...neg for PG, hormones perfect (no sign of imbalance) and thyroid great. After I left the DR, I immediately started feeling better down there. It was tender for a day or 2, and all clotting immediately began subsiding. Within 24 hours, pretty much all spotting had disappeared. There is NO sign of my period whatsoever. I feel pg. My br___ts are full & heavy, I have a funny taste in my mouth and wake up with cottonmouth, my lower belly is distended and my pants are tight around the waist though I haven't gained weight. I'm starting to feel tired and have slight nausea. If I am pg, it would be about 5 weeks. I've been taking dollar store tests which all come back neg. What is going on? I guess only time will tell. Fortunately, my DR is treating me with respect and said we could run more tests in a week or so. (I should mention that I am a very healthy, fit and active 39yo.) So, if you've become pg on the Copper IUD, what has been your experience? I'd love to hear it! All of it and any of it! What were your symptoms, when did you find out, what was the outcome? Was there any bleeding or clotting? I know this was long, but thought it would be helpful to others to doc_ment my process. Looking forward to hearing from you!:-)


kesteris16 - February 21

I have had the copper IUD since the delivery of my first daughter 9 yrs ago and when I decided to have my second child I had it removed and got pregnant within weeks. I had the IUD reinserted at my 6 week checkup and continued on b___stfeeding my newborn. Well now that she was over 1 yr I started to wean her off the b___st. I got my first period Dec 23 and I just finished b___stfeeding Jan 15, so I should have had a period Jan 21. I started feeling tired around the middle of Jan with nausea and consulted with b___st feeding specialist who confirmed that it was normal to feel this way since I had been b___stfeeding for almost 16 months and I could miss my mens for 2-3 months yet. The bloating tummy, nausea, and tiredness didn't add up I knew I felt pregnant! No bleeding or spotting. The preg test showed negative until I was 6+ weeks already Feb 7. I went to my obgyn and she attempted to remove the IUD 2x and was unsuccessful. I had a second obgyn try last week and it could not be removed. If they had dug around any further it would have interupted my pregnancy and expelled itself. So now I am 8 weeks pregnant and still have the copper IUD in and have been told it will stay there until delivery...of course now I am considered high risk because of increased risk of infection, premature delivery, ruputured memberanes and miscarriage anytime. However, my obgyn has had many experiences with pregnancy with the IUD and had many positive outcomes...kind of relieves some stress in a way. She did mention that because I had no blood or clots that was a good sign. I would deliver the IUD with the placenta also, it does not cause any defects in the development of the baby. And no the baby will not be holding the IUD or be taggled in its hair (old tales).I hope this helps anyone else out there in a similar situation.



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