Corpus Luteum Cyst And Pregnancy

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Ian Kravitz - May 12

My wife is about 6 weeks pregnant. SHe has has pain caused by an apparently rupturing corpus luteum cyst on her left ovary. After 2 ectopics, we are happy with that diagnosis. Her HcG levels are doubling every 48 hours...up to 8528 now. Her progesterone levels have fluctuated from 33 to 21 and now 29. There is fluid from the cyst, and the doctor indicated this could cause a miscarriage. What do we have to look for, and when will we know whether the cyst is causing problems with the pregnancy?


Anna - May 12

I had the same thing happen with my first pregnancy at 12 weeks. That baby just turned 6. Keep your hopes up.


helen - May 16

i'm pregnant with 20wks & i have a small corpus luteal cyst is it normal? or have any peoblem


Colene - May 23

I am also 6 weeks pregnant and they just found a golf-ball sized corpus luteum cyst on my right ovary. There was not mention that the fluid (if any) could cause a you have me wondering...


Ian Kravitz - May 24

Keep hope. After repeated trips to the hospital and OB's office, just saw the most beautiful picture of our baby growing perfectly in the uterus. One thing I can say that I have learned from this experience. Dont do too much research online as to any symptoms you may have. Be as patient as possible and let nature and god do their thing. Good luck


Patti - August 3

Great advice about not doing TOO much research on the internet! I am SO guilty of that myself and REALLY needed that reminder today-Thanks! Best of luck to you, your wife, and "the wee one".


Tara - August 3

The corpus luteum cyst, every woman actually gets it when she is pregnant it will actually shrink and disappear as the placenta takes over around 8-10 weeks. So that is completely normal. My luteum cyst was misdiagnosed as a complex cyst and I was sent to a perinatologist to have a better ultrasound done and she could not believe that the radiologist thought it was a complex cyst. She then explained to me what the corpus luteum cyst does and how it functions. I hope this helps...


amanda - August 7

can someone explan to me about cyst? i was dignosed with an overian cyst on my right overie about 4 months ago and im showing signs of pregnancy but pregnancy test keeps coming back negative help please someone



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