Could I Be Pregnant W Merina Iud

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amybaby2 - October 28

lil you can see you are not alone...i was thikning of getting one of these and then i found this website, and decided against it...all i can say is take a prego test, or go to see your dr...i am so sorry this is happening! please keep us updated!! thanks


becca83 - November 3

hi i have had the coil for nearly 3 years now, i have always had problems with it, i had to go for scans and things as no one could feel the strings but they showed it was still in place. over the last 2 months i have started to show signs of pregnancy, sore chest, lower back ache, really moody, sick and soo tired all the time, also eating things that i normally wouldn't! the most worrying thing is that i actually look pregnant...i have put on weight but only on my stomach. i did a hpt which was negative but still worried. my doc says it is impossible to get pregnant on it especially as i have had it in for a long time, to be honest i do hope that i'm not as i have two young ones but it's driving me crazy thinking that i may be! any ideas?


tmac - November 30

My mother inlaw got pregnant with iud in place. So yes it is possible.


selfsweets - December 29

I've been reading all of these posts, and I've been freaking out b/c I have the Mirena IUD, got it in Oct. 06, here lately I've had awful preg symptoms, nausea, sleepy all the time, all kinds of smells make me feel like vomiting, and I've lost almost 10 pounds within the last month. I had all these same symptoms when I was preg with my 2 year old. But I took a test today and it was neg. I would let all my worries aside except for the fact that with my 5 year old, I took literally 10 urine preg tests, and all were neg. all the while I was getting huge, went and got a blood test and then it came out pos. mind u that I wasn't even on birth control then. I don't know what to do, and I'm so stressed and so is my bf. Can anyone give me some insight on my situation? please reply to me here on the post b/c I'm gonna loose my mind soon! Thanks


2KIDS2LOVE - January 14

So I'm a mother of 2 boys that are less than a year by 2 days!! I want one more child but not for another 2 years!! But I haven't been getting my period every month like the doctor said I would on the Mirena!! I had it put in Marh 2008...and had a spotting period every 5 months...this last time that I spotted it was well more mucas than normal...could that have been a miscarriage or what!? I've ben really good at checking to make sure the strings are still there but I couldn't find them this last time!! I'm not sure what I should do or not!!! I'm kinda scared. I'm not ready for my 3rd child...hint the reason why I got on the mirena!! I had some cramping, tiredness and sickness!! So I'm not sure what to do!?


heflejai - January 14

hi again i think i am having poblems with this mirena im getting a really sore lower back and when i have s_x it hurts and i bleed after is anyone else having similar problems i need to know if it is the mirena or not because im on the verge of getting it removed


stef2486 - January 25

Hello Everyone. I had my Mirina IUD inserted in March of 2006, shortly after my son was born. I was fine up until a few months ago. Abdominal pain adn heavy bleeding during intercourse, mood seings, etc.Oddly enogh, I have been normal all this time, and just now start having symptoms. I truely believe hormones can change a persons mood adn mental/ physical wellbeing. Have appointment next week to get removed. Caint wait.!!Luckily enough, we are going to start trying for our second.


ingridlouwheezer - February 7

I got the mirena iud inserted Jan 9, 2009. It hurt tremendously the first week, i bled for a few days but that's it. Then i started to feel hungry ALL the time, so i would eat but then i would feel super full even after only eating a little bit, and nauseous as heck! My b___bs have gotten bigger and are really sore but only on some days....the rest of me has stayed the same size, i've been weighing myself haven't gained weight actually lost a few pounds. I have been super edgy and moody, and i've never been pregnant before but i feel what my body interprets as pregnant. I started spotting like a week before my period was due, it was really dark and clumpy...i've had a regular period but still all the symptoms. Not to mention i've been super emotional lately- (i hope not too graphic) but the other day my husband and i were having s_x, and it felt great and then all of a sudden i start balling, like not a little cry like huge rush of tears, i was in no pain, i wasn't sad, just weird i was sooo confused. I have taken tests they came up negative. I need help i have no idea what to think or do i've never been in this situation, don't want to talk to family cuz i don't want them getting excited especially my parents no grandkids husband and i didn't plan on a kid for 4 years or so....but definately would be excited and feel blessed if we did concieve. Sorry this is so long winded, i just have felt so overwhelmed and say this forum and thought thank god, some people might understand or be able to help me!!!!


denis_x5 - February 7

i had the marina fitted last june and until now have had regular periods when my period in january didnt arrive so today i did a pregnancy test and it came back negative im so confused as i really thought i was pregnant what does anyone think x


claire111 - February 17

hi every1 i have read all of these on here i have had the merina coil in for 3 years with no periods at all the past 2 mouths been sick and feel pregant i have been spoting which i have never had before had a neg test doctor sending me for scan but thats not till 2 weeks i have had relly bad crampy pains in lower belly doctor said no way you can get pregant on it been fine up untill 2 mouths ago any1 else had 1 in this long and started 2 feel pregant


BsMomma08 - May 5

I had my daughter in October, and had Mirena placed at my 6 week in November. I bled for several weeks afterwards, but have bled since. The last week I've been feeling like I did a couple weeks before I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I'm nauseous, only to be made worse by the same smells as with my daughter. I'm constantly tired, my b___sts are sore and my back hurts. I didn't think it was really that possible to get pregnant while on Mirena, but in reading everything the last 2 days I'm seeing how possible it is. My husband and I recently split. Someone suggested a false pregnancy to that even possible?


Blondie90 - August 3

I have the Marina UID which was fitted around 5 months ago following a miscarriage. I have since thought of babies day and night and would love to have a child, however the time isnt right...hence the coil. Everyone around me suspects that I have pregnancy paranoia, especially as i have now taken 4 negative home tests. but I know there is something wrong. This feels ike pregnancy, but there are not as many symptoms as with the one before (although all pregnancies are different, right?.) The symptoms that i have noticed (I would have to be around 2 months now) are a dramatically swollen tummy, terrible indigestion, severe stomach cramps (once) bigger b___sts, increased appet_te (ice cream and jam which i craved during previous pregnancy and hadnt eaten since), but there has been no morning sickness etc. and i suffered terribly before. I have no idea what to do, I dread the thought of seeing a doctor about pregnancy after what happened before and feel incredibly stupid that I could be having a phantom pregnancy! Does anyone recognise this or have any advice, im sick of friends telling me im rediculous?


baysmommy - August 6

Hi everyone! I wanted to know what your opinion was...I have had my IUD in place since June 2008. I had a period regularly and interval spotting until September 2008. I haven't had a period since then. I have not had any complications until recently. Now I am having sore and tender b___sts, flutters in my stomach (feels like light kicking), deep muscle spasms in my left side but not painful, severe depression (the MD now has me on 2 meds for depression), mood swings (happiness, then extreme sadness, and very irritable at times), severe fatigue (I can barely get out of my car and into the house some days after work), painful intercourse with bleeding for 24hrs following intercourse (almost like a full on period--but then after about 12-24hrs it stops), headaches, muscle aches, random fevers, cramping, severe bloating and swelling(and I drink 2 liters of water dly so I shouldn't have water retention), vivid dreams, and night sweats. I just don't understand why all of this would suddenly start out of the blue. Because I haven't had a period in almost a year, I do test every 2-3 months to make sure I am not pregnant. Recently, I have this feeling that I could be pregnant, severe random nausea, sensitivity to smells, greenish blue veins that have appeared on my b___sts, and it seems I can't get my sugar level under control (I am hypoglycemic). Normally, I just eat yogurt, crackers, etc. through the day to maintain my sugar levels on top of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I am an aerobics instructor and normally feel great after I exercise, but lately I have been feeling faint during my exercising and can't seem to stop shaking for a while after. I took one test on Friday night (today is Thursday) and it was negative, but because it was so late in the day I decided to test on Saturday morning with the first morning urine (b/c of more hCG concentration). After 5 minutes, it showed a very very very faint line. Almost like an evaporation line but it had only been 5 minutes following testing. I waited and tested again on Monday afternoon and it was negative, but tested again first thing in the morning on Tuesday and the test was negative with no faint line what so ever. I am wondering if it could have been a "chemical" pregnancy or if I just got a faulty test. At this point, I want to have my IUD removed, but I can't risk getting pregnant right now. I am starting nursing school soon and I already have a 6yr old child. I would like to wait until I finish nursing school. This will only take me a year and a half considering I already have a BS degree, but I would really like to wait until I am completely finished. Any suggestions on what to do from here? Is anyone have symptoms similar to mine? Should I test again tomorrow morning or just call my MD for a blood test? Help!! My husband would be ecstatic if I found out I was pregnant but I just don't think I am ready yet.


mommy432 - August 14

baysmommy-I too have been feeling pregnant!! I had my IUD put in on October 2007 and up untill recently i have had NO problems! but now i have been going through the exact same symptoms you are!! other than the bleeding. i feel pregnant! i felt like this with my 1st and i just know i am! i called my Dr. today and i am going in for blood work on monday!! i will let you know how it goes! i think you should also go in for a blood test!! best of luck to you..and going to need it!


abowman3 - November 11

Hello, I have had the marina for 2 1/2 years and found out just Monday 11/09/2009 after being admitted to the hospital that I'm pregnant.. so yes you can get pregnant it is rare but it is possible... I am finding that I am 3 weeks pregnant after them doing an ultrasound.. The baby is in the uterus. Having the marina gives a hire risk of tubal pregnancy and miscarage. While I'm not at risk for tubal pregnancy I am still at risk for miscarage. They are not wanting to take the marina out because it could disturb my pregnancy. They are wanting to monitor me once a week to make sure that my hormones are growing as well as the baby... I am not wanting to get my hopes up because I still might loose it...


MrsSmithplus1 - November 13

I had the mirena put in place 6 weeks after I had my daughter(April 2008) I had the same issues as you are having with the being sleepy, feeling sick and nothing ever came out of it. I didnt have a period for the length of time I had it in but did maintain a normal period when I had it taken out. You can still do a home pregnancy test and the Mirena will not give you a false positive. Good luck :)



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