Could I Be Pregnant W Merina Iud

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WendyBishop - February 24

I know how you feel i've had mine in for almost 2 years and here in the last few months i have been getting random sharp pains all over my stomach and been getting dizzy, light headed and sick to my stomach some days and very tired and always hungry. i have taken a few home tests and they have all come back negative and i dont know wat to do


nikk2004 - February 24

I have been looking for this site for over a month to repost...LOL!!! FINALLY!! Well, my doctor's office never returned my phone call and like I said previously my clinic will not see me. I hate the emergency room around here because they act like they don't really care or like you mean nothing to them!! UGH!!! But my sysmptoms have not subsided. Everything is still the same with me except the pain and the fatigue. The fatigue has gotten worst. I am ALWAYS SLEEPY!!! I mean that literally!!! I have no explanation for it. I am VERY MOODY TOO!!!! I do not have pain all of the time anymore. It is only sometimes and it does still have the pressure with it. We are all grown here so I will share this also. I have been told before that women are wetter when they are pregnant...well that is what my man has told me about myself anyway....i am wetter when I am pregnant during intercourse. I am not going to lie I have been very kinky for awhile...which in the past we have s_x more when I am pregnant than we do when I am not pregnant.....that is from my behalf sometimes more than once a day, but that is usually when I am extremely kinky or pregnant, but enough of that....i have noticed that when we are having intercourse I am more wet than usual. Even after I have showered it still drips. So I am still thinking I may be pregnant. I DO NOT WANT TO BE but it is a thought. At this moment I am still saying I am not pregnant! Oh yeah, my cycle was freakishly off last month. I came on twice....??? I have not taken anymore test though because they do not show up for me until I am almost mid ways but I will save this link and keep watchin the site and keeping you posted on what is going on with me and the outcome on down the line.


flutterbye - March 17

Hi, I have been on the merina for just over a year and a half nw, but for the past 3 months my menstual cycle has been very irregular. 3 days here and there then it would stop then i'd bleed agn the nxt week for another 3-4 days of light 2 med flow, occuring every 2 to 3 weeks. It's just not normal for me. Right now i am spotting and have been for about a week, which is really weird and frustrating as this is the first time i have ever spotted for this period of time (normally i would spot for only a day then get my normal menstrual flow the following day). However before this, my menstrual cycle had always been regular, of medium flow and would last 4=5days and came every month like clockwork. So weird why all of a sudden it changes to this. I also have been feeling flutters in my stomach, little kicks/swish feelings or nudges if you will, here and there. I've been getting chest pains/heartpains, pinching/stabbing stomach cramps on the right side of my stomach, and have been feeling breatheless alot. I am always feeling tired and i've been waking during my sleep throughout the night or the wee hours of the morning and its extremely difficult 2 get back to sleep again. As i sit here typing and explaining my situation and the symptoms i'm having. I've realised that i really need to get my a__s to the doctor asap. I'm so glad i found this forum. Thanks for hearing me out.


Danni13 - May 16

Ok im 19 I have had the coil just over a year. I have not had a period since i had the coil put in. Lately I have been getting strong period pains but nothing as a result. i keep feeling really tired and sick.I have read through all your posts. Could i be pregnant?


suzye - June 2

Hi, I had my mirena IUD put in Feb.2011. I got tired of having to take the pill everyday and the thought of eventually not getting my period anymore sounded great. Lately I have been feeling sick, tired, aggitated, moody etc. When I last checked my string it was really low compared to the last few months. I'm worried that the IUD moved or even fell to low in my uterus. I have three kids and really don't want another child. The thought of doing a h.p.t is scary, I don't want to find out if it is a - or +. HELP, has anyone had the same symptoms and the out come was pregnancy?


tinkerbelljmt - June 15

I have the copper iud. my period aint due till june 27th however my bottom of my stomach has been hurting cramping bad, my lower back has been hurting and im discharging a lot is this normal with the iud I have had it for 4 yrs now and never experienced this. I took a hpt it cam out negative. could it be something else? I just dont want to be pregnant so I want to make sure its not that


vickieh777 - August 3

ok I dont know how to post so i a__sume under comment. anyways i've had my IUD (Mirena) for nearly two years now, last month i went to the doctor because of severe cramping, as in bad enough i had to sit in one spot cause moving made it unbareable, they did a test to see if i had a UTI, tests came back saying i didnt. i have not once had any spotting or peiod since i had Mirena placed. after going to the doctor for severe cramping (month long cramping) Im on my period, maybe, but very bad followed with the cramping. here lately i've felt like i was pregnant and didnt want to say anything to anybody because i would of felt stupid, ive been vomiting, cranky, cravings for sure. is it even possible to try and even get pregnant while on a IUD? ill be going to the doctor this week and posting an update for those women that are worried that have an IUD and possible same symptoms also. but if yall have any answers please feel free to reply.


poppet_1987 - August 8

Hi, I have read a few posts on here by some of you and it seems some of you are in the same boat as me. I have had the Mirena Coil in since July 2010, and I've been determined the past month or so that I was going to have it out, as I've had some terrible symptoms. I have been on anti-depressants also since having it fitted, only on 10mg, but recently been put up to 20mg due to my symptoms around the time of the month being so awful, sometimes I can't cope with things, my moods are terrible, I can't go to work or socialise, and the Doctors have recognised that I suffer with PMDD... Anyways, a little off subject there, but since having the Mirena fitted it has taken me a year for my periods to settle and not be so heavy... But, this is my dilemma, as such, last months period was how they have always have been since having the mirena, a little less heavy than before having the mirena, but still very much there and having that 'period' type smell that most people usually get, urgh. Anyways, I was due my period on August 1st, and now all of a sudden there is no blood, no 'period' type smell, I'm just craving food alot and I'm a little tired. I usually get tired before and during my period, I'm also experiencing cramping and pain, but there is no blood, which is baffling how all of a sudden this has disappeared, when my periods have always been heavy since I started them 12 years ago. Is there a possibility I am pregnant? I could do a test, but I'm a little scared. Sorry if my comment is a little confusing! Anyhow, I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I mean by this, how last month I had a period which has been like they always have been, and now no blood or smell (urgh) whatsoever! :/


kandylove3200 - October 16

hi my names kandy i have an iud been having it for 2 yrs and haven't gotten pregnant with it. Although recently I've been experiencing the worst back pain ,nausea,fatigue,insomnia and increase of appet_te.I haven't experienced that having the iud these past two years, its starting to worry me now i really need some advice.


dianadmiranda - October 22

Hey everyone, So I have read all of your posts (yes...all of them) and I am a bit curious as to if anyone is experiencing symptoms like i am. I got the Mirena IUD in June 2010 and have always had a pretty regular period and no bad complications. Only once did i get an infection caused by the IUD which began with the feeling of heavy and painful menstrual cramps (some tummy ache) nausea, aching,fevers, painduring intercourse,and even lack of appet_te.when i did doctors kept claiming from just the flu to my appendix but finally a doctor told me it was an infection which are comon with the Mirena. So for some of you that may be the case. Some antibiotics will remedy that :) Recently however i noticed something different so hopefully you guys can help. I am usually pretty regular with my period even after 1 1/2 years with the Mirena. Only a few times have i been about a week early on it or a week late but never much further than that and it always lasts 4 to 5 days. My last period was on the first week of September 2011 so I find it odd that now being late october I have had no period. About two weeks ago i started getting light c___pping and thought my period was coming since it usually starts with cramps before I bleed...but nothing happened not even spotting. Then i began to notice that I was frequently going to the bathroom to pee, the cramping is still here but varies in intensity so far it hasn't been that bad. Then this week I had all those symptoms and I am also aching and feeling very bloated(almost as if having gas) on my tummy and can't lay on my tummy when going to bed because it feels odd (which I have always slept on my stomach) I took a pregnancy test and came out negative but i don't trust HPT's since my older sister took 4 pregnancy tests that were negative and she was indeed pregnant. If any of you have had these symptoms please help, I don't want to get too ahead of myself.


lpdolphin - October 28

I have been on the iud almost the 5 year mark, i get it out in january, I have gained weight, and right now, i feel pregnant. Im tired all the time, sore b___sts. I havent had any morning sickness at all just stomach is feeling tight and my sore b___sts started yesterday, i havent had a period since i put it in. but to answer your question, yes, i have gained the weight. my doctor says that it doesnt cause weight gain but how did i go from being 145lbs to 180 when i dont eat often.


mrsswift87 - November 2

I had my second son August 2010, and had a mirena iud placed in October 2010. I have not had any real problems with it. I have never had any periods neither, spotting a couple times that is it. But I was told this is normal with it have hormones in it. I have also always been able to feel my iud strings has feel, very easily. But about two weeks ago I had a pretty heavy spotting for about 2 days.And I was eating everything in sight, and have been extra tired to where I can hardly hold my eyes open at times. And I checked my strings today and I can not feel anything now. I was just wondering the chances of being pregnant, or how to know if it has fallen out on me. And will a home pregnancy test show up the right results if I was pregnant?? I am just a little worried and wondering if anyone could please give me some info on this. I know that I would probably have to go see my ob/gyn, but if anyone is experiencing any of this please let me know. thanks


Jdove28 - November 28

I have had the mirena about 6 months everything was fine until about a month ago I stoped having my period and I feel pregnant :( I took two home test they was neg but so scared I am pregnant. I dont have insurance are I would go to the DR.


Jdove28 - November 28

I have had the mirena about 6 months everything was fine until about a month ago I stoped having my period and I feel pregnant :( I took two home test they was neg but so scared I am pregnant. I dont have insurance are I would go to the DR. That is so scarry I sorry you lost your babys I think I would lose it if I miscarried a baby at home.


drinababy12 - December 15

hi i need help!! i got my iud in about may and lately i been havng really bad cramps in my stomach,bleedin kinda spotting... certain smells make me wanna throw up somewhat throwing up do you guys think i could be pregnant?


Pattio - December 25

Hi. I'm a mother of 4 and I had Mirena since june of 2011. I have recently went from 98 pounds to 116 pounds in a little over a month. My period has stopped completely, my b___bs are very tender and leaking out a clear fluid, and I have been feeling nauseas and tired everyday. I took about 6 HPT, and 2 out of 6 came back positive, the rest negative. I'm going into the doctors tomorrow to get a blood test done. I started off feeling fluttering that went to kicks in my stomach, so I'm kinda wondering now! Just worried that if I am, that something will go wrong!!!!



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