Could Not Find The Heartbeat Of The Baby

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monica - May 5

hi, i am 6week preg. and today i went to the hopital for the ultrasound their the doc. told me the baby is very small and they could not find the heartbeat and she also told me that we don't have result yet it will take couple of days. I don't know that everything is fine or not. Plz if somebody experience like this reply me and i also wanna know that when everything is fine the doc. don't tell u the result right away is that true....


Justine - May 5

Monica - Sometimes the heartbeat cannot be seen at 6 weeks, it may just be too early. 8 weeks is said to be critical for a heartbeat. I think you normally get the results straight away good or bad.


monica - May 5

thanks!! justine i think u are right that it is too early to see the heart beat but the doc who did the u/s in hospital today she said let me show this to the radiologist and we were waiting outside then she came and said well, u will get your result in couple of days period. Now i have to wait right..........sometime i think why we all are not doc.


Mrs O - May 5

I wouldn't worry yet. The heart isn't fully developed until 8 weeks. When I went in at 9 wks. my dr. told me to not worry if we didn't hear the heart beat b/c it is sometimes 11 wks before you can hear the heart beat. So I would just relax - easier said than done.


BAA - May 5

I think it may also depend on the u/s equipment. But usually a hospital has good u/s equipment. I went to the ER at 6wks due to some spotting and the tech was able to hear the heart beat but it was slow 95bpm and had to try several times to find it. My doctor said it was still early and not to worry about the slow heart beat. I went back a week later and was able to hear a strong heart beat 153 bpm. I wouldn't give up hope yet. But I think you should have a follow up ultasound done. That is really the only was you and the doctor will be able to tell if things are progressing. I hope this helps.


monica - May 6

thanks!! everybody for showing and sharing your positive thinking with me. This is my first preg. but i already had one miscarr. so, i am little worry about this but after reading the answer from u angels i am feeling good....keep in touch


lisa - May 6

Well i am very sorry to hear wot u were told, i just thought i would reply as the same happened to me, tho unfortunatly i lost the baby last tuesday, i dont know why, dont suppose i ever will know. Put just keep your chin up and i keep fingers crossed for you, i ave had a few miss's tho this one has hit me harder for some reason, i do have two children tho nothing will ever replace the baby i lost.let me ken how u get on.


monica - May 6

i am sorry lisa. I know it is very hard to replace anything but i crossed my fingers and hope for the best for u and for me also...


amanda - May 12

my sister has a medical book that states you can not hear the heartbeat until at least 9 weeks. i just went to the doctors and was 9 weeks and1 day they couldnt hear or see the heartbeat so they gave me a dnc yest. i know what your feeling ! good luck wait till at least 8-9 weeks before worring too much good luck and GOD bless



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