Could The Hospital Have Got It Wrong

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hayleysenior - June 16

last week i had some bleeding i suspected it was a misscarraige, the doctor said bleeding was normal and told me to wait it out. i couldnt do that so i went for a scan, my midwife told me i was around seven weeks pregnant but im quite sure i can only be a round 4 weeks gone. the doctor then said there was no baby in my womb yet something in my tube- a suspected ectopic, they took some blood ran tests and rang me back today saying i maybe had a misscarraige and the it could be a cyst in my tube. iv heard of cases where the pregnancy was too early to show up on scan and i dont want the to give me the shot unless there sure its ectopic. does anyone know what i should do? i dont want to have surgery or a shot if its not nessecary, i have to go in tommorow to compare my hormone levels see if its still suspected eptopic, i had no symptoms of an ectopic either, im so confused please help!!! x


jodinicole - June 17

I'm in exactly the same boat. Although I have some lower abdominal pains. I only found out I was pregnant 5 days ago due to the pains and bleeding. My hcg levels were 439.5 on Tuesday and 480 on Thursday. A scan didn't show much. I have been told to go back on Monday for another blood test and possible surgery. I feel exactly the same about not having a shot or surgery if there is a chance for this pregnancy to succeed. Please let me know how you get on today. My prayers are with you


hayleysenior - June 20

hey, its bad news blood tests have showns drops in my hormones, so it was ectopic and its miscarried naturally which is better than operating i suppose. i really want to try for another baby but im so scared this will happen again, can anyone give me any advice on this situation and for trying again please??? jodi i would hold out and tell the docs unless its life threatenening you dont want them to take action unless they can tell you 100% that its ectopic i wasnt going to risk losing a perfectly healthy baby. xxx


jodinicole - June 20

Well it seems that our story has strange paralells. Mine too is miscarrying. My hormone levels had dropped by almost half. They feel it is miscarrying naturally but I do have to go back tomorrow as there is some concern it may be ectopic. I guess ours were not meant to be. I wish you lots of luck for the



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