Cramping And Bleeding

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worried - March 9

Hi everyone...I was in bed sick all day yesterday with low back ache and bad headache...I finally called Dr at 4PM because I couldn't take it anymore...They called me in Darvocet...My friend went to pick them up and brought them to me...I got up at 6 to take them...Got back up at 7 to use the bathroom and I had alot of maroonish blood when I wiped...Went again and had a mixture of maroon,red,and white mucousy clumping...Not large and the only clotting I seen...I started to have cramping very low in abdomen so went to the ER...They did bloodwork which came back great and they did an U/S which showed a baby and a good heartbeat...I am 7 weeks today...The bleeding stopped at about 9 last night and I was fine all day today...Got up from a sitting position at about 8 tonight and had crippling pain in my right side...Shot through and made me bend over then it was gone...Went to the bathroom and there was more marroon blood...Now at 10 o clock it is gone again but I am cramping in my right side where the sharp pain was...I feel the baby is fine because of the hcg levels and the heartbeat...Just worried what the pain and spotting could be...The dr has me worried too because he was talking to me like I am going to miscarry...But I feel like everything is going to be OK...Anyone else gone through this?...I just need a little reassurment...Thanks everyone...


Me again - March 10



Joanne - March 14

I don't have any answers..I am also bleeding at 12 weeks..and I don't know if I will misscarry,,the suspence is baby looks good..but things could suddenly change...the doctors want to see me once a week for an ultra sound..hang in there....


Evette - March 15

I am 18 weeks pregnant and had some bleeding and bad stomach cramps in my right hand side only the other day. So went to Hospital but by then the bleeding had stopped. I had a x-ray ultrasound where they found a small part of the placenta had come away, that was why I was bleeding. The placenta will heal quite quickly and none of this will harm the baby in any way, but if I bleed again to go straight back to the hopspital.


adinah - April 16

I know the not knowing is frusterating. I have had 5 children and have had bleeding in the first trim. with all of them. Now I am expecting again and same thing....but with lots of cramping. I don't recall the cramping before. All I can do is lay down to have any relef, this is probably what you should do as well. Stay off your feet if possible. All should be well with you. Try and rest. Either way it turns out....your body is going through a lot.


Lucie - April 16

I am going through a very similar situation, I started spotting with a browny discarge on Wednesday by the afternoon it had gone. I went to the early pregnancy unit the next day and had a internal scan as I am only 4-5 weeks and it was inconclusive as the baby is to small to see. They gave me an appointment for next Thursday to see if there has been any change to my pregnancy. Unfortunately I started bleeding like a period today, so I went to A&E where they told me that my cervics is still closed so they do not think that I have miscarryed, but I am in a lot of discomfort with cramping and the bleeding has not stopped. I am hoping that this is just my body not quite adjusting to the fact that I am pregnant as my doctor has told me that can be the case. Does anybody know of something that I can take for the pain, as I know normal pain killers are a no no.


Kristina - April 18

Lucie, If you are still bleeding like a period, I would go to the ER, that is what happened to me. Last Tuesday I had a brownish discharge, and being in my first trimester I was so scared that I went to the ER, everything looked okay, me being only 5 1/2 weeks and my HCG levels being over 4000 they told me to take it easy. But named my prognosis a threatened miscarriage. I didn't bleed all night, but Wed morining at 9:00 I started bleeding like a period, I went back to the ER and they tested me again, and my HCG levels had dropped and after another v____al ultrasound, it showed I had a miscarriage. My cervix was closed everytime they checked me. I hope the best for you!!


Lucie - April 18

They gave me a painkiller called Fiorecet


also worried - May 10

I was on my feet all day today and yesterday, after a long weekend of being "out and about" and excited. I just found out I am 8 weeks pregnant, and at the end of the today I was spotting. I don't think I have any abdominal cramping, other than mild pulling and squeezing - which could be gas - but I am so worried. I called my pract_tioner, a midwife, who said not to worry and that if I spotted over a "quarter size" or if I cramped worse - to call back immediately. The suspense is making me a nervous wreck, should I go to the ER and have an ultrasound or call my midwife back? I have been resting in bed ever since this happened, and I'm slated to travel by plane this weekend. What should I do to be safe?? thank you!



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