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sarahbaby11 - July 3

my husband and i went to the doctors today for an ultrasound. i am 13w6d. the doctor read the ultrasound and told us the baby has a cystic hygroma on the back of his head/neck. i go for a level 2 ultrasound thursday but he said he would guess they will recommend termination. has anyone else gone through this.....


Tara S - July 8

Im so sorry. My last pregnancy my baby girl had cystic hygroma and fetal hydrops, her chance of survival was 0% to term. Are you going to have a amnio? Some babies can survive with cystic hygroma if its not too bad.I had an amnio to confirm why she had the cystic hygroma. i ended up delivering our sweet baby girl at only 18 weeks 5 days. Im wishing the best for you.


Brooke F - July 8

I also was in your shoes! I ended up with a missed miscarriage.. Due to i wanted to waited out to see. There is always a chance of survival. There are some that the cystic hygroma goes away.. others it gets worse. Its hard, i just didnt want that option, and never got it! Follow your heart! Im praying for you!


Tara S - July 10

I agree with Brooke, some do go away or get better. The reason my daughter had no chance is because of heart faliure and her whole body was swelling and hardly any amniotic fluid, toxins in the placenta spreading to my blood stream. Ours was caused by Turners Syndrome a missing X chromosome, but even babies with Turners can survive with cystic hygroma our daughter just had worse case. Lots of prayers!


sarahbaby11 - July 24

sorry i haven't written. the ultrasound showed that the baby also had hydrops and we were told there was a 0% chance of survival for the baby. Since I was already 16 weeks when they determined the baby had hydrops we decided to do the d&e immediately. the docotr has sent tissue samples to determine if any chromosome disorder were present. we are planning to try again as soon as possible. have any of you started trying again. what happened.


Tara S - July 26

Im so sorry. I am currently 15.5 weeks pregnant after having my last pregnancy end at 18 weeks 5 days to Turners syndrome(Nov 2005). I had my nuchal scan last week and it went good. Im still not going to feel good until after my detailed 18 weeks scan. I won't be getting an amnio unless the 18 weeks scan doesent look good, but I have more chance of losing a baby to amnio then to another chromosome disorder.My last pregnancy also had hydrops and everything I have researched is not good for the combination of hydrops and cystic hygroma. I wish you the best and lots of prayers!


Brooke F - July 26

Sarahbaby11, i am soo sorry! I was having a boy, and there was not chromosome problems just some defects.. cleft palet, and some other things.. I will be trying again in another 6 months.. i want time to heal, and lose the weight that i had put on! Also make myself healthy.. eating better, excersise.. those things. Mainly the healing! I am still sad, and will always be, just get easier to deal with over time. Hygromas are rare.. its like 1 in 3000 or more ( fluke) I believe it happens to us strong ones... Women that has had pregnancy like ours gone on to having healthy happy babies :) Good luck to you... i will keep you in my thoughts.


flossy - August 7

I had a 12 week scan a few years ago and got the same result. I really feel for you. The best thing for us and the baby was to have a termination - it was unlikely to survive and if it did it would be in a bad way. I couldn't put my baby through it. I still love that baby and will always - but I had to do the right thing for us all. I have since had a healthy daughter.



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