D Amp C Or Waite For Nutral M C

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n - March 15

i am in 9 week my dr said im going to have m/c shoul i do D&C or wait couple of week for natural m/c? help my decide that?


Heather - March 15

I had a natural m/c at 9 weeks. I didn't know I was miscarrying until it started so... I was dead set against having a D&C (personal reasons) but I have heard a lot of women say they were glad they went in and just got it over with. Good luck.


Fran - March 19

This must be a very scary time for you. I am sorry. I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks and opted for the D&C. My husband and I want to try again as soon as possible so the D&C has allowed my body to be cleaned out and now we know we are safe to try again. I have also heard of a lot of women who have m/c naturally and dont have a D&C have a lot of problems with UTI's and infections. I hope this has helped with your decision. All the best


Alis - March 19

If you choose to m/c naturally they will check your blood to make sure everything has pa__sed on it's own. It is not a process that goes unchecked. There is a risk for infections yes but it's not something that happens a lot. Remember... If m/c's are so common and women have been having them for centuries... What did we do before D&C's? 1/4 of the female population would have pop'd off through the centuries. It is a natural process. Most doctors don't want to take the risk at all & it is an expensive procedure. My m/c started the day I found out I was going to m/c and I ended up pa__sing everything on my own the very next day so... Don't get scared into having a D&C because of things that "you've heard"... I would advise to listen to your dr & follow your instincts. Good luck!


Olivia - March 19

At 9 wks I was told I was going to m/c too. Didn't m/c to 12 wks, the three weeks waiting were hell. Then I lost a lot of blood and got taken in for emergency d & c to have products removed. The only advantage in waiting is that my symptoms of preg went away gradually and I was more able to cope with the loss.


DeeDee - March 22

The cramping is very painful during miscarriage even for people who have a high tolerance for pain. I contemplated the decision and decided to do the d & c. If you want to put closure to the miscarriage the d & c helps you do that quicker than the natural method. If you are not quite ready then wait a few more days and then schedule the d & c. I requested more tests from my doctor over a two week period. The blood tests came back with my hcg levels dropping and no baby was detected during ultrasound. That helped me to accept my decision and schedule the appointment. I hope this helps you decide. I wish you the best.


D - March 22

Have the D&C. I was scheduled for one but i started the m/c naturally before it could be done. It sucked. It was scary and the cramps were horrible. I ended up in the ER because my blood pressure was very low, where I eventually had a D&C anyway. I had no pain after it and would recommend it if you're in that situation. I'm sorry you have to decide this.



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