Dates Off And No Heartbeat

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T - February 25

Just wondering if anyone had any advice. I went in today for my first ultrasound (my husband and I have been experiencing secondary infertility for 3 years). I am positive that I should be 6 weeks - I know the day of my last period and I used an ovulation test to get pregnant. However, the us showed only 5 weeks and 1 day, no yolk sac and no hearbeat. I have to wait until next week to have another us and I am going nuts! Trying not to be negative, but it is difficult because I am so positive of my dates. Has anyone had any experience with this? Thank you so much for your time - I know everyone has their own issues and I am certainly praying for you all!


ekay - February 25

Okay, I am a firm believer that our eggs do not always drop on time. Also, take into consideration the time it takes the egg to travel from the tube to the uterus. That alone could account for the 5 day difference. So lets say you dropped your egg 1-2 days late and it took your egg 10 days instead of 7 to've got your solution right there. I could be wrong but try and look at it that way. I wish you the best of luck!


Kathy - February 25

Your US is only 6 days off...maybe the baby is just a bit tiny. Also, that's early, even for a US to see the heartbeat. Good luck and I'll pray for you and your baby.


Shannon - February 26

I have experienced the same thing almost. I went in on 7 weeks 2 days, supposedly, and they only found a sac. Nurse pract_tioner wanted to repeat ultrasound 2 days later with the doctor. Went in 7 weeks, 4 days, doctor found sac, no heartbeat and what appeared to be the fetus, but couldn't be sure....they told me i was going to miscarry this week, starting wednesday evening, so i scheduled a dnc for friday, 2/25. As I went 2/24 to get my blood work done for the surgery on friday. My husband suggested I get a 2nd opinion and so I did after my blood work on 2/24. The 2nd doctor found sac, fetus and a very healthy heartbeat. I was only 5weeks5days according to him, so the doctors can miscalculate your dates. Do not let this happen to you as I would have aborted my baby on yesterday if I hadn't got a 2nd opinion. Good luck to you and DO NOT give up hope. If there is a miracle out there, like mine, I think, then you can get it.


T - February 26

Thank you so much for the responses. I am not too optimistic, but your notes have certainly helped me keep my chin up. Good luck to you all!


eyebeeablessing2u - February 26

It's too early to detect a baby at 5 weeks. At 7 weeks we could just barely see a baby ( actually looked like a grain of rice ) and the heartbeat was barely noticeable, just flickering of black and white on the screen. Give it more time.. and ALWAY STAY positive unless the "FACTS" prove otherwise.....


D - February 28

I had my first u/s at 5w4d, and we barely saw a shadow of something in the sac. I think its just too early to see much. Was your u/s transv____al? If it wasn't, it is even less likely to see anything at this point.


jen - March 2

I too was "sure" of my conception date, and had my first u/s at what should have been 5w5d. The doc was very pessimistic and suggested I would likely miscarry (I had 2 other times in last 12 months). I went back to weeks later and showed a 6w3d healthy baby with a heartbeat. So.... my conception date was off, and I'm a late ovulator. According to my last period I should be a week ahead of where I am now (now at 8w5d today), but due to my longer cycles, and later ovulation, Doc now says the fetus is "perfect". Keep the hope.


nicola.xx - March 6

when i went for my 8 week scan they said i am only 5 and a half weeks pregnant and they think the baby could have stopped growing how could this be im tearing myself apart i have to go back for another scan this week to see if there has been any developments. my lmp was 4th jan, my pregnancy test done at home was very faint on 5th feb the pregnancy was confirmed by my doctor on 15th feb could i have ovulated late or has my baby stopped growing??????


T - March 7

Thanks everyone. I just went back and had an ultrasound and, although the sac is growing - there is still nothing in it. They have me at 6 weeks - although in my estimation, I should have been about 7. Also, they just took my hcg levels and noted that they only went up about 30%. It is the strangest thing - I have all the symptoms of pregnancy, no bleeding, no cramping - but I have one more blood draw scheduled and then a D&C scheduled for Friday - just in case. I think I am just ready to start healing from this!! Thanks again for all of your help - my prayers are with you.



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