Day After Amnio

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Monika - May 4

Does anybody how long after amnio that you should "take it easy"? It's been 24 hours and I am ready to get up and go walking.


jenn - May 4

well i had an amnio at 18 weeks and my dr said to lay low for 24 to 48 hours. if you have any doubts about getting up make sure to call you dr.


viv - May 5

i would play it as safe as possible. whats another day when you think about it...


me - May 5

i've heard 48 hours... how was your amnio? did it hurt? are you having any cramping? i have to have one in a couple weeks so i'm just curious!


jenn - May 5

although you were prob asking monika, i can tell you how mine went. well first of all i am overwieght so they told me right off the bat that it would be hard for them to get the needle through all my layers, but it really hurt, people have them all the time and say that it diesnt hurt but mine did. the afterward i was having contractions but nothing serious. after i found out all the results i didnt even remember the pain. just know that there are serious risks involved with an amnio. good luck


me - May 5

jenn, i know its personal but how overweight are you? i'm a little 'chunky' too so i was just wondering.


jenn - May 5

well im significantly overweight. pre pregnancy i wore a size 2x to 3x. i lost about 15 pounds in my first trimester and have not gian that much weight since. may i ask why you need the amnio??... if its the same reason as me then its because the afp screening came back with bad results. if thats the case then i would totally recommend that you ask for another blood sample to be drawn. i say that because after i had my amnio something happened because the fluid never replenished itself. i cant help but think that if i would have retested then my test would have come back normal. anyway good luck and if you need any support then let me know and i will give you my email.


Monika - May 5

Me- You know hte pain haveing blood taken? It stings for a mili-second? Well, the amnio i got stung for about 2 seconds. That's it. It felt kind of weird, while I waited for the fluid to be drawn. I was nervous all day, but I never cramped. I feel great today- so I wouldn't worry too much.



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