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brwneyedbbydll - May 21

Hi,I am 18 weeks pregnant and as far as I know I have been having a healthy pregnancy but today i was sitting on my coach and all of a sudden I got dizzy and light headed and a few minutes later i threw up but I am fine now it only lasted a coulpe of minutes and I am not bleeding at all, but did i have a misscarriage or Still birth? This is my first pregnancy so I am really worried, should i call my doctor? What could it be?


ladyskid84 - May 31

As long as you are not bleeding or cramping then u did not have a miscarriage. The dizziness, light headedness, and vomiting could be just normal signs of pregnancy. If it concerns you then talk to ur doctor.


Lynne - June 7

Sounds like pregnancy.


Kristin72 - June 9

It wouldn't hurt to call your doctor if you are concerned. At 18 weeks the chances of miscarriage are low..but not unheard of. This is because the fetus would have to be delivered and you would probably be bleeding. But there is also something called a missed miscarriage where your body does not expel any blood and your body still thinks it's pregnant...even if the fetus' heart has stopped beating. But I highly doubt that. Often in pregnancy light headedness has alot to do with the lots of blood centering around the fetus and drawing away from your head..and it can also be attributed to hormone levels fluctuating. Have you also been experienceing morning sickness in your first trimester? The dizziness and throwing up are often just pregnancy symptoms..but if any of these persist feel free to contact your doctor for an medical opinion...if they are concerned they will have you come in for further tests.


flower.momma - June 11

Hon, I wouldn't get too worried. Especially if it is hot where you are. Sitting or standing up can often cause dizziness in pregnancy since there is so much blood going to your uterus, and not that much going to your head. Just like Kristin72 said. Just relax and if you continue to feel strange, call you doctor, and she will probably put your mind at ease.


kee - June 12

what do you mean, as far as you know? are you being monitored? Some women remain nauseous in trimester two so thats normal. why in the world would you think you miscarried if there was no bleeding? Theres no reason to call your doctor if there was no bleeding.


kimholl28 - June 12

Doesn't sound like a miscarriage to me. Make sure you have your blood pressure checked as this can be the cause.


clare - June 13

hiya i had dizzyness from 18-25 weeks and it was cus my blood pressure was low nothing to worry about xx



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