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mary - December 1

What is a DNC


v - December 2

i dont remember the exact words but basically they remove everything from your uterus as far as the baby and placenta its the same procedure as an abortion same instruments and everything they put me to sleep


Rajkumar - January 7

Expansion for DNC


Kathy - January 22

What is DNC


Christine - January 24

This is a procedure a doctor tells you to do if he thinks things are really going to take a turn for the worse. They put you under and they clean out your uterus and everything inside so that you don't have any damage. You can choose not to have to procedure done and miscarry if that is your case. You are in and out of surgury in the same day and normally someone has to take you and pick you up. I had one done in 1999. They are no fun,let me tell you.


Carly - February 18

I had a D&C at 16 weeks as I was told my baby had Edwards Syndrome and had no chnace of survival, its heart beat grew weaker and weaker each day so i was advised to go through with it. They put you to sleep and it takes about 20 mins, i felt cramps afterwards which i wasnt warned about and bled for 2 weeks.


Amy - March 2

my niece just lost her baby at 6 months. the baby had already died but i can't emagine a DNC at 6 months of pregnancy.


Domenique - March 4

I was about 12 wks, when I miscarried from a molar pregnancy. I was in so much pain that they offered me the the choice of a DNC or going home. They pretty much sc___pe out the residual tissue from the uterus. They knock you out and depending on the severity... I was off my feet for 4-5 days after. It was light bleeding (for me) for about a week. However I appreciated it... I had been in so much pain.


Jennifer - March 6

Dialation and cleansing. They dialate your cervix and clean out your uteris to prevent infection.


Real Answer - March 9

Dilatation and curettage... Description: Uterine sc___ping (dilatation and curettage: D and C) is a fairly minor surgical procedure. The procedure may be performed in the hospital or in a clinic using general or local anesthesia. The v____al ca___l is held open by a speculum, and the opening to the uterus (cervix) may be anesthetized. The cervical ca___l is widened (dilated) using a metal rod, and a curette (a metal loop on the end of a long, thin handle) is then pa__sed through the ca___l into the uterine cavity. The inner layer of the uterus (endometrium) is sc___ped away, and the tissue is collected for examination. Indications: Uterine sc___ping (D and C) may be done to: Diagnose conditions using the tissue samples collected (biopsies) Treat irregular or heavy bleeding Remove fetal or placental tissue -- used for some elective or therapeutic abortions and to remove any remaining tissue after a spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) Uterine sc___ping (D and C) may be recommended for: > Bleeding between periods > Heavy menstrual bleeding > Bleeding after intercourse > Investigation of infertility > Endometrial polyps > Uterine cancer (early diagnosis) > Thickening of the uterus (endometrial hyperplasia ) > An embedded IUD (intrauterine device) > Therapeutic or elective abortion > Miscarriage > Postmenopausal bleeding, or abnormal bleeding while taking hormone replacement therapy medications Expectations after surgery: Uterine sc___ping (D and C) has relatively few risks, can provide relief from bleeding, and can help diagnose problems including infection, cancer, infertility, and other diseases. Convalescence: Normal activities may be resumed as soon as the patient feels well, possibly even the same day. There may be v____al bleeding, as well as pelvic cramps and back pain for a few days after the procedure. Pain can usually be managed well with medications. Tampon use is not recommended for a few weeks, and s_xual intercourse is not recommended for a few days. Risks: Risks for any anesthesia are: > Reactions to medications > Problems breathing Risks for any surgery are: > Bleeding > Infection Additional risks include: > Puncture of the uterus (perforation) > Laceration (tear) of the cervix > Scarring of the uterine lining (endometrium)


Tamara - March 9

I just had a dnc today. I did IVF, got pregnant, but the sac is all that showed up. No baby inside. So. after weeks of waiting for the bb to show, it never did. So, today at 7 weeks/5 days preg, the dr. said there is no hope. I could either do dnc to get it all out or let it miscarry on its own. I opted for DNC....I wanted it out now..so I can move on. We are going to try for another baby after I have 1 period. We have eggs frozen from our In Vitro. The dnc went great today. I was asleep and didnt feel a thing. No pain upon wakening, and still none. Just bleeding. I am very glad I did it.


J&J's Mom - April 23

I am going going on Mon. for my DNC. I am in my 9th week and the baby measured only 6 wks 5days and we could not find the heartbeat. I really appreciate Tamara's posting the others may be realistic but Scared me.


cynthia - April 23

i had d & c two weeks ago (will be on Monday). It was okay--I chose twilight drugs (not general anasthesia), and was comfortable the entire time. I was kept in warm blankets and coddled, and I went home soon after and felt fine afterwards. During this past week I have done a lot of yoga to get my pelvic floor back in shape, and today I feel completely back to normal. They can give you drugs for amnesia, so you don't remember anything, either. Don't be scared!


Tina - May 4

I was told today that they couldn't find a heart beat and that was devistating. I have a 5 year old daughter and of course I figured it could never happen to me. My doctor suggests the D&C procedure but I am scared to do it. I just don't know. A few of you said you were fine afterwards but with my luck now I think I will be in pain and out of work for awhile. Is there anyone that can tell me a reason not to do it?


Heather - May 9

My sister just had a baby 3 weeks ago and all of a sudden her doctor says she needs to come in this Friday to have a DNC done. Has anyone ever heard of having a DNC after you have a baby? She thinks she might have overheard the doctor talking about twins...do you think he could be trying to cover something up so there isn't a lawsuit? She was always very sick during her pregnancy and had never had that with her other 2 children.


Renee - May 18

I pre-term deliverd twins 13 weeks ago - both of my sweet boys pa__sed away soon after delivery. We were diagnosed with twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (ttts). While I had a regular delivery and seemed to be healing well for the first 7 weeks post partum - I soon began to have significant c___ps and some unusual discharge. I went to my doctor today and found out part of the placenta still reamins in my uterus - therefore will require I have a D & C. Essentially my doctor said that it is important to remove the residual tissue and old blood as to reduce the risk of infection. I was surprised that was even possible, not to mention devestated by this news. We have been through enough. My doctor explained that with pre-term deliveries this is a potential consequence. I am not sure how it may be relative to full-term deliveries...so sorry Heather I can't help with your question. But I would certainly do more investigating into the rationale behind your sister's D & C.


Brandi - May 24

I had a DNC 2 1/2 weeks after my daughter was born due to placenta retention that could not be treated any other way. I had another DNC a month a go afer my twins died in utero. I have now had three follow up sonograms and have a blod clot lodged in my uterus a month after the procedure. This has been my forth DNC unfortunately (two previous miscarriages), but I have never had this complication before. Does anyone know anything about this? I am sorry if I have scared anyone. Please know that this is VERY uncommon.



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