DNC Too Early

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kmac - October 12

My doctor wants to perform a DNC but I think there still might be a "chance". The reason being that I think he is off on his dates-he says I am 7 weeks, 1 day but I think differently. Could the u/s be off? By a week or two? I think I am more around 5 weeks, maybe 6 at the most. No h/b yesterday at the u/s-going back on Friday for another. Should I ask him to check my blood levels again? He said there was no need to yesterday. What if he is jumping the gun?


kad - October 13

dont let him do a dnc my doctor couldent find a heart beat or baby at 7 weeks, she wanted a dnc but i refused i just knew there was a chance she then did a scan when i was 10 weeks saw baby growing at the right rate and healthy, she apolegised for her earlier mistake now im almost 25 weeks and my scan at 23 weeks said im having a little girl, she was beautiful and was waving at her mommy, so what ever happens do go for a dnc, even if it was gods plan that the baby die then u will misscarry natrualy.dont give up on ur little baby at least give him/her a chance good luck to u, i hope all goes well


kad - October 13

sorry i ment DONT go for dnc! i type to quick lol


K - October 13

I agree don't let him do the DNC at this point. My first pregnancy ended in M/C, and based on 2 ultrasounds that showed just a sac we knew it would, but my doctor suggested we wait for a natural miscarriage instead of a DNC and if no natural by 12 weeks then we would have to do a DNC. He said a natural is better for you at that early stage if you can handle it emotionally. For me I could handle natural a lot better than I could have handled a DNC. I M/C a week after the second ultrasound, at about 7 weeks. My friend had a bad ultrasound at 6 weeks and was told her baby's heartbeat was extremely weak and the baby was not expected to survive and she is now 17 weeks pregnant with what appears to be a healthy baby. If you think the dates are off, then hold your ground for now. I have heard several stories like kad's. I would definitely ask him to check your blood levels again. If they are dropping or have leveled off, that is not a good sign.


Jessica - October 13

My baby's heartbeat wasn't detected until my 7th week. At 5 weeks my doctor only gave me a 10% chance of a viable pregnancy due to low hcg levels. At the 6 week ultrasound we didn't see a heartbeat. A week later there it was pumping away! I am almost 28 weeks now with a little boy and am glad I beat the odds. Some doctors are very quick to say that a pregnancy isn't viable. I would wait another week and insist on another ultrasound. There should be no doubts between you and your doctor about a dnc. I don't want to give you false hope but doctor's can be wrong. I hope that another week might bring some better news or at least make you more comfortable that the dnc is necessary. Good luck to you.


rl - October 13

find another doctor and get a second opinion I think that would be best as far as a dnc goes if you find out that the pregnancy is not viable you should have a dnc because if all the tissue does not come out then that could cause problems later on down the road they could turn into tumors...I went thru a mc at the begining of this year I was around 7wks and started bleeding I had a horrible doctor who thinking back now may have jumped the gun with the dnc but he also scared the hell out of me by saying bleeding was a sign of bad chomosomal problems more or less made me feel I was pregnant with a deformed monster or something and I regret not getting a second opinion due to the fact there was a fetal heartbeat but he only sent me for one sono...but I did what I thought was the right thing I had never delt with anything like this before and just did not know but I am now 23wks pregnant with a healthy boy and I also have a NEW DOCTOR!! good luck to you in whatever you do and am so sorry you are going thru this I know it hurts and it is very scary...



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