Doctor Says Miscarriage

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Mellissa - April 22

I am 7 weeks and i went for a checkup 2 days ago and the Dr. said the baby was not developing "normally" and there was no heartbeat. He says I have had a miscarriage and wants me to either take a pill to help it along or have a d&c. I am not comfortable doing either of those so he said i have the option of "letting nature take it's course" and have the miscarriage normally. my question is does anyone know about how long it should take? the Dr. said I should be getting cramps and bleeding, but nothing so far. I'd really appreciate some feedback. Thanks.


Alya - April 23

Melissa, I was also 7 weeks and the doctor said the baby stopped growing at 6 weeks. I too did not want to go through D&C, waited about 2 weeks and it started naturally. It is very painful though (the cramps are unbearable at times) and I almost wish I did ask for a D&C now...


Mellissa - April 23

thanks for the input Alya. If nothing happens by the 26th, I have to go back to have another ultrasound and I will most likely consider the D&C then. I guess I am hoping he made a mistake or something... Just wishful thinking. How are you coping with all of this? I feel so confused right now because I am just starting to "feel" pregnant (morning sickness, b___st tenderness) and I know I am not having a baby now. It has been very hard on me emotionally.


Sara - April 23

I opted for a d&c rather than waiting as it usually takes two weeks when my baby had died at 10 weeks. Glad I did as they found I'd had a rare pregnancy called a molar pregnancy which could affect my health. Even if you wait for things to happen naturally, you may still need a d&c as it doesn't always come away. Best wishes to you.


Mellissa - April 23

Sara, Thank you for that information. I think if I go back on the 26th, then I'll tell him I will have a D&C. I just want to get this over with so we can move on. I'd kinda like to try again, but I think I might be paranoid of this happening again. I already have a 19 month old daughter and I was so blessed to not have any complications with her. Maybe if we get pregnant again everything will work out.


kyra - April 23

did your doctor do an ultrasound? i just went to the doctor on thursday and i heard the baby's heartbeat at almost 8.5 weeks. the doctor was surprised that the baby's heartbeat was heard at all because heartbeats are usually heard between 9 and 11 weeks. i don't want to get your hopes up at all but have the ultrasound done now rather then later and just make doubly sure...


Sara - April 23

I do think you are wise to have the d&c. I didn't want to wait for it to happen naturally as heartbreaking as it was. I was 10 weeks pregnant but my baby had died at 8 weeks, I do know heartbeats can be picked up really early on and they do know whether they are the correct size for your dates. It's a terrible thing to go through and I don't think anyone truelly understands unless it's happened to them, but I do believe these things do happen for a reason and there must have been something wrong with the baby, and it's natures way of ending it. I would advise you to wait a month or two before trying again as I found that I bled for a few weeks after the d&c and it took a few months for my periods to get back to normal. There is no reason why it should happen again, best of luck for the future.


Mellissa - April 23

Kyra, I've actually had 4 ultrasounds done. Last monday I went to the ER because I had some bleeding and they did a v____al U/S and couldn't find anything so they took blood and my numbers came back abnormally high so they did a normal U/S and still nothing. Then they sent me to radiology and she actually saw two sacs, one with a yoke sac and one without (I have the U/S pic). I was told everything was fine and it was too early for a heartbeat. Then I went on thursday for a follow up thinking everything was okay and the Dr. said he saw only one sac with a yoke sac and what might have been the fetus but it wasn't "floating" like it should be and there was no heartbeat. This week has been a horrible rollercoaster for me. I'm kinda hoping when i go back tuesday he will see something positive, but if not I will have a d&c. I just want this rollercoaster to be over so we can try to have another baby before my husband has to go back to Iraq later this year. Thank you all for your advice.


jessie - April 24

i started spotting during my 8th week. i went to the doctor on the fifth day of spotting. she did an u/s and couldn't find a baby in the sac. i was so devastated but still hopeful. she had my levels tested. i had to wait over an extremely long weekend for the results. my levels were still going up. even though i was bleeding (had gotten worse, not just spotting) my spirits lifted. i was hoping that my baby was hiding from the first u/s or my dates were wrong and i had some unexplainable bleeding that would stop any moment now. the next day i had a second u/s and still no baby. my heart just broke. i was 9w5d, no baby in the sac and bleeding for 2 weeks. i had to let go. the cramps started that night. they are unbearable now. the bleeding got worse and now better. but still there. anyone know how long the cramps and/or bleeding will last? i am having a difficult time trying to start to recover emotionally when i am in such pain and discomfort physically. this is the worst thing i have even endured, it is comforting to know that someone in the world knows what this feels like.


laura - April 24

Do you live in Boston? I got the same advice three weeks ago and here is what happened. My baby had a slow heartbeat then no heartbeat so they said the miscarriage would happen. I waited a week and nothing happened. Then I tried taking the pill and I bleed for about a week and then I had terrible terrible bleeding that would not stop. Had to go to the ER and then had a d an c. My advice to you would be to do the d and c and get it over with. Hope this helps you.


Mellissa - April 24

Laura, I live in Texas. I am planning on getting the d&c if the u/s still shows no heartbeat. I was hesitant at first, but then the thought occurred to me that even if i let it happen naturally, i may still need a d&c if it doesn't all come out. And Jessie, I'm sorry to hear what happened to you, but like you said it's nice to know you are not alone. The thing that is hurting me the most is that the only bleeding I've gotten was one big gush that led me rushing to the ER. When I got there it stopped and haven't had any since. I was really hopeful going into my follow up three days later... so you can imagine the devastation when the Dr. said this isn't a "normal" pregnancy. I lost it right there during the u/s. I'm hoping the d&c will help me to move on a little bit. I will never get over it though, I know.


K - April 24

Mellissa, I am so sorry for your loss. I was at 10 weeks when I found out my baby had lost it's heartbeat (at 9 weeks). I chose to try and m/c naturally. I started to bleed 4 days later, and spent 5 days with starting-and-stopping contractions but never completed the miscarriage. I finally went in for the d&c on the 5th day of bleeding. All in all, the procedure was not as bad as I'd thought it would be. Good luck, I'll be thinking about you.


Mellissa - April 25

K, thank you. i have an appointment to do another u/s tomorrow morning. I can't help wondering what the chances are that the Dr. could have been wrong, but I'm not getting my hopes up. If things are still the same, I will most likely have him schedule a D&C so I can move on.


Mellissa - April 27

Well, I got in there and did an u/s and things looked worse than before. I got to see it, and told the Dr. to go ahead and schedule the D&C. we did it last night and now this is all over. the d&c was painless..i threw up afterwards from the anesthesia, but that's it. bleeding is very light, and i do not feel any pain. of course the dr gave me some good meds just in case i do start to feel anything. thank you all for your support and advice.


aj1117 - April 27

I am in a similar situation. I should be 7 weeks 3 days. I've had 2 sonograms the latest yesterday and there is a sac but no fetal pole or heartbeat. Dr. want's me to wait one more week. I've been bleeding red for 7 days off and on now and have had bad cramps.


amanda - May 10

i went to the doctor and at 9 weeks no heartbeat doctor suggested dnc so i go tomorrow wish me luck and i wish you luck hope everything works out for you


kay - May 12

In Oct I went for a scan after 7 weeks as i was bleeding - they said they could see sac but no fetus - they also said i was only 5 and half weeks (although i had calaculated from my first day of last period) - anyhow they asked me come back after 10 days for a another scan - which i did - there was a heartbeat - however few day later i miscarried. 7 weeks pregant again - going for another scan as they said i could be scanned early (2 miscarriages prior) - no bleeding or pains so fingers crossed! - I would wait 10 days and ask for a re-scan!



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