Doctors Can Not Find The Baby In The Uterus

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geetica - April 18

Hi, I am geetica and i am pregnant but i am having some problems. My LMD was 26feb and i missed in march so, i did the test on 28 that time it was negative but when i did on 31 it was positive and i went to see the doctor from that day till 15april they can not find the fetus in the uterus. My HCG level are going high every week but in the uterus no baby and i got cold three times and having brown discharge and pain which is ON/OFF. I am really neverous because i already had one misscarge. I don't wanna lose this baby. Plz if somebody have the same experince help.


Just wondering - April 18

It could be too earlier to see the baby.


geetica - April 18

Thanks, for your response . today morning again i went for the blood test because i having brown discharge cont' let's see what they will tell me tomm.Keep in touch.


Claire - April 19

Geetica - Can they find anything in the uterus - a sac? Is the scan you are having v____al? If so you should be able to see something at 6 weeks from your last period. If you are having severe sharp pain, particularly on one side it would be worth checking for an eptopic. I would definately make sure you get regular weekly v____al ultrasounds with the hospital. Brown discharge normally isn't enough to be a miscarriage though occa__sionally it can be. I hope you and the baby are fine.


geetica - April 19

every week they are doing my v____al u/s from last three weeks. In second week my Dr sent me to the hospital where the radiologist didn't see anything except a sac which is in good shape. My dr. also told me that it is not an ectopic preg. last week he saw something fuzzy in the uterus so, tomm again i hav an app. let's see what he will see tomm. He is only saying that your hcg level are going high so wait and watch..Thanks Claire for responce !! keep in touch...


Claire - April 19

Geetica - Good luck for tomorrow - its good its not ectopic and they're doing regular u/s. Hope you see your baby tomorrow.


BAA - April 19

It may be a blighted ovum I just went through that and by 8wks still embryo in the sac. i had an empty sac. I also had brown discharge with occasional cramping. I never m/c but had a missed miscarriage and had tohave a D& C. Wish you all the luck. I am now 6wks preg again so don't worry if it is a blighted ovum that usually happens only once.


geetica - April 23

hi, there i went on wed for the u/s there me and my dr. saw some improvement in the uterus and he told me that it is early pregnancy and i am again going on 5may for the u/s in hospital. I am having only one problem brown discharge don't know it is normal or .......... plz reply me if somebody have or had this experience.


Claire - April 25

Geetica - Good to hear things are a bit better. Brown discharge often means nothing but can be more serious before you've heard a heartbeat (and occa__sionally after the heartbeat). I've had brown and red bleeding 7 times now but just turned 12 weeks today (well hopefully!) I'd report it to your doctor. If it gets a lot worse or turns red I'd go to hospital. Good luck.



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