Don T Want D Amp C

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Robin - November 5

Hi all...I "lost" the baby probably about a month ago, at 9 weeks, and I never did miscarry naturally. So now I am sched for a D&C Nov 11th. I REALLY don't want to have it done and was wondering if anybody had any tips to try and bring on the miscarriage naturally? If not, how did those of you who have had a D&C do with it? My doc wants to put me to sleep for it, which is the part I am dreading most....Also, is there heavy bleeding & cramping after? Thanks for any help you can offer!


Lee - November 5

I had a d&c done last September. I didn't miscarry I just had alot of blood built up in my uterus, I know it sounds weird. I didn't cramp or bleed at all. My friend has one a few months earlier she was 5 months and lost the baby. She bleed for sometime after and did have cramps. I think it was more like a period type deal. I am sorry for your lose. I think you have to be put asleep for it because of what they have to do. You need to get it done before infection sets up. Its good to talk about it. You have every right to be scared. I hope this helps just a little.


Robin - November 5

Ok...thanks so much for the info, Lee! Guess it's best just to get it over and done you said, and before infection starts! Thanks again!


Stef - November 6

Robin~ I had a D&C on Valentines day of this year. Great day huh? I was really scared but honestly it was over before I knew it. I went home and rested for the next 24 hours and I felt pretty good all things considering. Very little cramping and light bleeding. I was 8 weeks and never really every started to bleed. The baby just didn't grow properly. I am currenly 8 weeks pregnant again now. Scared but thrilled. I am so sorry for your loss. How I got through it was reminders that something wan't right and it was my bodys way of righting it. Oh yes...and lots of prayers! Good luck and God bless!


Robin - November 7

Hi Stef! Thanks SO MUCH for taking the time to reply! :) And thanks for letting me know that the D&C was simple and not much discomfort after! I am SO SORRY for your loss too :( But a BIG BIG congrats on your new pregnancy! :) I hope all goes well for you this time! Thoughts and prayers with you! Thanks again for your reply! :) Robin


Emily - November 8

Robin, I had a D&C ain Aug. I was 10 weeks along. I didn't miscarry naturally. I went in with very light spotting only when I wiped. THe ultrasound showed no fetal heatbeat. I was so devistated. I didn't want to do the D&C either, but I am glad I did. My dr said there would be a lot of tissue to pa__s and it would be hard to tell when I would do it on my own. I was very scared and very upset. I felt so much better afterwards. It was like some kind of closure. I bled for about a week and it was lighter than a period becuase the dr go most of teh blood and tissue durring to procedure. It took me a bit longer emotionally to get over it. I am doing better all the time. We were not trying to get pregnant becase we had a daughter the previous year. She was born the previous Aug. I am now 7 weeks pregnant with what I call my third child. I didn't get to meet my second, but it was still there if only for a short time. I wish you all the best and I am deeply sorry for your loss. I know it sucks. good luck and if you need to talk, I will be checking in


April - November 10

I had a mc at 6 weeks this past May and I did fine. My doctor put me under and I had a little bleeding afterwards but that is it. I went in on Wed. and was back at work on Monday. It's a really simple procedure. Good luck to you.



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