Doubting MD S Pushing For DNC

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Praying Parents - May 27

My husband and I have 5 beautiful children and have never had a problem until now. I can't remember my last period exactly, (sometime in March) here's my issue. Up until the first week of May, We had negative HPT, it was not until the first week in May we got a positive. Went to the MD the following week to find out I have fibroids and an empty sac. HCG levels then were 3000, two days later 6000, 4 days later only 11000, 3 days later only 15000 & 6 days later only 23000. I've had 4 sonograms each showing an empty sac, however the last which was performed in a radiology las showed the sac had gotten bigger from the first sono and it was measuring at about 51/2 weeks. I went today and spoke with my MD who was pushing for a DNC or the pill and I told her my husband would rather wait and let things happen on its own, if God wanted it that way. She also kept aksing if I had any bleeding and/or cramping as though she wanted me to say yes, but I've had nothing. When I left, I scheduled another appointment with a completely different MD for the middle of June and hopefully by then, my baby will make herself seen. ANY words of encouragement or does this appear to be the end of the road?


Michelle - May 27

Hold in there!!! Where there is hope there are miracles waiting to happen. If there is something there, it will make itself know in time. On the other hand, if there is nothing there, a few extra days are not going to change anything. Life is funny by what some of us have to go through, but just know that there is a reason for this and God will see your family through whatever ya'll have to face. God Bless and may you find comfort in each other.


vanessa - May 31

I would say hold out too. I went in for a u/s and they found what they thought was a molar pregnancy. They pushed for an immediate [email protected], that day. I said it could wait until tomorrow. After the procedure, they told me it was NOT molar, and I have aways wondered if they took a healthy baby. I should have just waited to see what happened. God bless, you're doing the right thing:o)



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