Down S Syn Babies

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Mrs O - April 28

Do down's baby come premature. I have been hearing alot about down's babies dying in the womb and comng premature. Do the down's babies that die have heart problems. My little angel had Down's but a normal heart- which we are so happy about. I'm just concerned on her arriving early. Anyone know?


ekay - April 28

You know I don't don't much about down syndrome, but I have read a few of your posts before and after you had your amnio. I just wanted to say that you sound like a very loving mother already to this baby. Everytime you've posted, you've sounded nothing but positive about your situation. You could have gotten on here and boohooed about it all, but you seem truely thankful just for the fact you are having a baby-which is how it should be. I think we all (pregnant women) should just stop and look at our situations and how good we actually have it, especially when there are people like you that are already preparing for the trials and tribulations of raising such a special child and you haven't even given birth. I sincerely do wish you nothing less than the best of luck with your little angel, as you put it, and I hope your positive att_tude remains strong. God bless you and your family.


lynette - April 28

I am 40 yrs old and am very scared. I am 17 week preg. This was not planned . I have 2 girls 15 and 12. This is my new husbands first child and he is so excited. The problem is I have a 37 yr old downs sister and I know my chances are even greater. I have been bleeding now for over 8 weeks which my doctor says is not uncommon... Should I have the Amnio?


Mrs O - April 29

ekay thanks for the encouragement! I have a very close family and I have a very stong faith in GOD. I know he made her just for us, he chose us to have his special child b/c he knew we could handle it. Our 7yr. old and our 5 year old are so excited about her arrival. I must admit, that first day was tough- you want the best for your children and the struggles she will go thru will make you ask GOD -"why?" But GOD does NOT make mistake!! Lynette- I'm sorry to hear of the bleeding. I would talk to your dr. about the amnio. I'm so glad we did so we can be prepared mentally and at birth for the best medical attention possible. Best of luck to you!



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