Down S Syndrome And HCG Levels

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robin - August 23

My HCG levels are 2.5 times the "normal" maximum. I'm currently 6 weeks and I've gone for an ultrasound which shows only one baby. Everything I read on the internet seems to point toward Down's Syndrome. This has me worried sick! Does anyone have any information or personal accounts telling otherwise? Thanks.


Jade - August 23

It seems a bit early for you to be getting that test done, so maybe it is higher because it is not the proper time to get it measured. But the only way to know for sure if you are worried is to get an amniocentisis done. Good luck!


sahmof3 - August 24

Could your dates be off? That might account for a higher than normal HcG. But, even if they aren't, with my 2nd baby (my dd) my #'s were sky high for how far along I was. I had been on Clomid, so they were thinking twins, but it was just her in there. She was just fine. Hope that helps a bit...


K - August 24

My HCG levels were really high and we thought we might be having twins because I was on Femara, but the 6 week ultrasound only showed one baby. She is now a completely healthy happy 6 month old.


robin - August 24

Thanks a bunch for your info. It's good to hear stories of others with high values and healthy babies! The ultrasound shows my dates to be correct. I'm just not good at the waiting game!


sahmof3 - August 24

Robin- I understand. I actually had to have two u/s's to confirm that there weren't two babies or something else causing the high numbers. At 5 weeks, they could see the sac, but not much else, so I had to wait until 7 or 8 weeks... man, that was such a LONG wait!! Especially since at the first u/s the lady said, "There could be one in there or there could be ten, I just can't tell until later..." We knew she was joking, but then we were like, "What if it really is ten???"


robin - August 26

Hi Sahmof3 - So was it more than 1? If no, was there another explanation for the high numbers? I have another ultrasound Tuesday which will be 7 weeks and an appointment with genetics on Friday. Let me know how it turned out for you.


sahmof3 - August 26

robin- no, it was just my daughter in there and she was fine. Why the #'s were so high I don't know, never got an explanation. I can't even remember what the exact #'s were (sorry), I just remember that they quadrupled in 2 days. In fact, I called in to the offive to get the results and it was a Saturday. A receptionist was the only one available to talk and because of the privacy laws she said that only a doctor or nurse could give me the results.... but she WAS able to tell me that I was scheduled for an emergency u/s that day. I was SOOO mad that she could tell me that much, but not tell me why. (Turns out the whole reason was those high HcGs). Also, because, had I not called in for test results, how would I have even known to show up for an u/s- they scheduled it for me, but had never bothered to inform me???? GRRRR! Anyway, that u/s was the first one that I mentioned earlier. Anyway, hope all goes well for you....


robin - August 26

Thank you so much sahmof3! I'll definitley let you know how things turn out.


ibk8t - August 30

Hi HCG was measured for the prenatal screening at 12 weeks and again at 16 weeks and it was 4 times the normal amount....I was given a 1 in 8 chance of having a downs baby...but just got the amnio results back and baby is perfectly explanation yet for the high HCG...they're sending me to a placenta specialist to get checked out, as I'm told that's where the HCG is manufactured....I'll let you know what he says.


robin - August 31

Thanks ink8t. I'm very happy for you! What a relief to have the amnio results back. I have an appointment with genetics tomorrow so we'll see where that goes.


Ruby2007 - September 7

Robin, I am in the same boat as you are. I am 11 weeks preg and at 9weeks my HCG level was 430, was almost double what it was suppose to be. So the doc sent me to have an ultrsd to chek the placenta. Everything was fine in the ultrasound....I had severe vomitting and nausea. I still vommit every morning. I have the Nuchlar tran....ultrasound and blood work next week (at 12 weeks). My doctor sais, high levels are normal as long as the baby has good heartbeat, ultrasound looks fine...


robin - September 16

Hi Ruby2007, How did things work out for you on the ultrasound?


Ruby2007 - September 16

Hey Robin, Thanks for asking. My NT was .9mm. So thats good and everything else looked good in the u/s. They have drawn blood for PAPP-A and free beta HCG. Next blood draw is Oct 7th and I will know the final result by Oct 13th. Please pray for me.....What did they say for you Robin. I hope all is well Ruby


Ruby2007 - September 20

Friends, I am 13 weeks as of today and got my HCG level as 90,000....5 times below what I had around 9 weeks...My doctor is guessing that the lab might have made a mistake earlier...but I feel much better now. Ruby


ibk8t - September 20

Hi Ruby....try not to put too much into the blood test results.....I don't know any that have been accurate did your ultrasound go?


Ruby2007 - September 20

Hi ibk8t, My ultrasound results came back normal last week for the Nuchal test. BTW, did you meet the placenta specialist yet? I am waiting for week 16, when they drw my blood again. Ruby



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