Down Syndrome

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anahi - April 22

Please if someone can help me,.. I'm 19 weeks and I got tested with the triple screen test and I found out that my baby has a high risk to develop down syndrome. My possobilities are 1 in 167. So my doc. recomended the amniocentesis test. Has anyone had a high risk of something on the screen test and ending up with a negative result on the amnio. Some say that the triple screen is known to have a high percentage of false results. anyone please, this is keeping me on an agony. Thank you.


Alison - April 22

I have a friend who was given a 1 in 30 chance of a child with Downs' Syndrome, her daughter is perfectly healthy. I feel for you as I have been told my baby has a high nuchal transparency measurement (fluid behind the neck) which elvates the risk of my baby having a chromosonal defect. This scared us but after researching online we've found there is a high rate of false positives and most babies with extra fluid are ok and the mums are given worry for nothing. It is not a reliable test. I'm not sure how reliable the triple screen test is I'm afraid but hopefully some other ladies will be able to answer that. We are not having an amnio as we suffered 3 miscarriages before our DD and even the tiniest risk of miscarriage is more than we can cope with. Also try to remember that even if the test is accurate - of babies with your risk, 166 will be healthy and just 1 will have Down's. As I said my friend was told 1 in 30 and her DD is fine. I can't remember if she had an amnio or not I think she did thinking back and of course the results were clear. Take care and try to remember these things are only a % not a diagnosis. Your baby is most likely perfectly healthy - but I sympathise it's hard not to worry when they put these thoughts in your mind. I hope you get lots of helpful posts I'm sure you will! God bless you and your baby xxxx


Alison - April 22

P.s) When I say my DD I mean my 19 month old not my new baby. I am 14 weeks pregnant with child #2 - 5th pregnancy.


K - April 22

1 in 167 may be a higher than normal result, but it still leaves well less than a 1% chance of Downs. The triple screen does have a very high percentage of false positives. How old are you? I was older and my Dr. recommended against even doing the triple screen because she says will not ever come back normal on older people and all it does is cause unnecessary worry.


anahi - April 22

Hi Alison, well it is very scary when you're told that your child will not be healthy. Let me tell you that last year we had a baby girl and she was born at 42 weeks and with any kind of complications. She was born with a very rare disorder of the lungs and she couldn't breathe and she was depending on life support system. At 20 days of her tiny life we had to make the hardest decision of our lives to take her off the machine. This disorder affects babies in 1 of every 100,000. (ok world wide) but still it is a very huge number and imagine how do I see this number 1 in 167? hope is that I've been searching that sometimes tests do give false positives. Thank you Alison for your post I really apreciated your positivism. I will pray for our babies to be healthy!


anahi - April 22

K..I'm 28 but I was suggested to get it because we already had a baby girl that had ACD which is believed that is congenital disorder, although there is no prenatal-test for this disorder. And to me is best to know because with my little angel it wasn't expected, knowing that some tests still give wrong results, but I will be ready to the outcomes. After verything I will be strong and I will be supported to the positive margin. thank you K. for your support, I really needed it.


Alison - April 23

Anahi I am so sorry to hear of your baby girl I can't even imagine what you went through how awful! I'm just so sorry. I struggled to cope with my early miscarriages but to go through all you went through once your precious baby was born doesn't even bear thinking about, bless you. I can understand more now that the figure they gave you is scaring you so much - once you've been that 1 in 100,000 statistics hold new meaning. I will be praying for your little one. Please keep us updated if you can. It is so hard as these tests are a screening not a diagnosis and often babies have raised "risk" when nothing is wrong at all. But it is still scary and I really do sympathise with you. I will pray for your baby to be healthy and for peace of mind for you throughout your pregnancy xxxx


clindholm - April 23

anahi- We were told my dd may have Trisomy 18 at the 3d scan we went to at about 20 weeks. I was a wreck and it ruined my entire pregnancy. Anyway, she was born tiny but perfect. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter, that is devastating. I cannot image going through that. I pray your baby will be healthy, but as others have already said, there is a very high risk of false positives with all these new tests they are doing. btw- we opted not to do the amnio, as we were not willing to risk losing our baby.


Teddyfinch - April 26

i've read those tests are always producing false positives that only prove to worry the mom silly.


kalokairi - April 26

my aunt was told without a doubt my cousin was going to have downs and she was advised to abort...great dr huh. well thankfully she didnt, my cousin is perfectly healthy and attending nyu on a full scholarship. good luck! they can be wrong!


anahi - April 29

thank you to all of you for your support, sure brings some peace and tranquility.


blessedwith4 - May 1

Hello. I am 38 and will be 39 on Monday. My fourth child was born back in Jan 2008. My screening test said 1/22 for DS. We opted not to take the amnio and waited it out. It was a long hard wait but we didn;t want to take any risk of miscarriage. She was born PERFECTLY healthy, no DS. We even had the blood test ran after birth to be 100% sure. The tests are quite unreilable and are often thrown by the slightest placental defect. If I were you I'd have your dr check your placental function and make sure there is no underlying issues there that mask these screening tests. Best wishes.



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