Down Syndrome Should I Go For Amnio

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lindsy - August 10

i have an "increased risk" for having a baby with down syndrome--about 1 in 125. i had the triple screen--and my ultrasound showed mildly enlarged kidneys on my baby--a marker for DS. should i worry? should i go for amnio?


starlyght24 - August 11

I never had those tests done on either of my pregnancies due to the fact that my doctor told me that arent very accurate. So I figured why get the test and something bad come back on it and then I am stressed for the next months possibly for nothing because the baby could come out completely healthy. Besides I guess I look at it like this even if something is wrong with the baby I am not going to abort it so if there isnt anything you can do about it why stress yourself out possible for no reason. Its your decision but that was my viewpoint on it.


Trini - August 13

lindsy, if you are still having worries and doubts about the baby's health after taking the AFP (which came back with results that said you have an increased risk for DS), definitely do the amnio. I too had an increased risk for carrying a baby with DS (about 1 in 250), according to my AFP results). I was worried sick about this, and was even more worried about doing an amnio, as I have read that there was a risk of miscarriage. But I went through with the procedure, and found it wasn't that bad. Remember that the AFP tests also have a high false positive rate (even doctors will say this, and advise against the test because of this), so chances are, you are most likely carrying a healthy, normal baby. I took the amnio, and luckily, the test came back normal, and I am carrying a healthy baby girl. I have also read that carrying a female fetus may increase the risk of getting a low reading on your AFP (hence the increased risk for DS), so you may well be carrying a healthy little girl, also. May God bless you and your baby, and keep us posted on whatever you decide!


Monika - August 14

I had several markers for ds. We did the amnio and everything turned out fine. After the results came in, I was so relieved! It was worth it for me. It's up to you . . .Can you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy without knowing for sure?


K - August 15

I think you need to consider what you would do if it comes back positive. If you think you'd take some action then you have to do it or you may regret it. If you wouldn't, you have to ask yourself why do you want to know, maybe its because you need time to prepare for a special child or perhaps the stress the worry would cause would be to much for you and compromise your pregnancy. Either way, do what's right for you and your partner, you are the ones who have to deal with the results. Good luck and I hope it all goes well for you.


lindsy - August 16

thank you all for writing...i appreciate the range of advice, each one important. i went yesterday for another high-level ultra sound, and it turns out that the fluid around the kidney thing is very mild and seems to be subsiding...and all else looks good, so i am resting in good faith that all will be well. and if it not, then that is ok too. thank you everyone. its a boy, by the way!



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