Downs Syndrome

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nieceejj - January 6

i was recently told a blood test came back that my unborn daughter might have downs syndrome.i went to a specialist for a leve 2 sonogram,i was told that the only thing that might bbring him to that conclusionwas the shadow or mark on the heart but everything else was normal the limbs,the head,the anatomy its self was fine at 17 weeks.what is the likelyhood of mydaughter will be born with DS?


judypop - January 7

Hi- My blood test came back with results like yours and the doctor said the sonogram looked like the baby looked healthy in all aspects. But he said my chances were still 50 to 1 ( I am 40) I chose to get the amneo and it didnt hurt. I discovered 4 days later, last week my baby has downs syndrome. Im sad and anxious but Im glad I know, I dont want any surprises and now I can prepare for HER as well. He told me the only way to get the 100% rea__surance was to get the amneo, honest, it didnt hurt and the stats say it causes mcs in 1 in 350 and they are not even sure if the numbers are higher because most dc babies miscarry anyhow. Food for thought. But here I am chatting at 4 am and cant sleep now that I know for certain, so which is better???? Judy


Shell - January 8

Hi Judy, good luck with it, I wish you all the very best.


atina - January 8

i didn't have any of the blood tests done but in my u/s they found that the kidney was dilated. iwent for a level II and they found a spot on the baby's heart. i was told i had a 1 in 94 chance that my baby would have ds. i was scheduled for another u/s at 28 weeks and everything had cleared up on its own. my beautiful little girl is now 5 months old and healthy as a little horse. we prayed to God to give us a child, we didnt specify what kind.


judy - January 8

congratulations on your soon to be beautiful little girl


nikki - January 8

i have also beentold that i have a 1 in 50m chance of having a down syndrome child. i have had the amneio and are still waiting for results. i am 35 and my husband and i are conflicted with the outcome if the baby is positive ? it is hard to deal with and hard to sit and wonder. any suggestions


nieceejj - January 9

thank you everyone for your responses,i will love my daughter regaurdless of the outcome my husband and i already have to kids we just want my unborn daughter to know i love her regardless.I was told that i had a 1in 124 chance, im not gonna have the amneo ill just wait until my next sonogram and then go from there.thank you for your candid thoughts,best wishes and prayers.goodluck to everyone and your beautiful children.GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU IS MY PRAYER.


iakram - January 23

hi everyone, i had an e/s at 12 weeks and had my blood test done the results should be in by wed. i'm just very scared and concerned the Neural Translucency came in at 2.1 mm and I'm 27 anyone know my chances? i know i may be jumping the gun many of you brave ladies already know that you are going to have a child with DS and my hat goes off to you. i wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart. i have 1 5 year old son, had a miscarriage back in feb '05 they suspected the baby had DS. I guess that's why i'm scared.


Lynn - January 24

Hi yall!!! I am 13 weeks 4 days today and had level two ultrasound done last thursday. Doctor said nuchal translucency was 4.2 and is thick. nothing else seems to be wrong. Doctor went ahead and did labs, bhcg and PAPP-A. Waiting on those results before we know if we go on to do amnio or not. I should have results by this thursday. I am caught on my decision if its positive, cause I love this baby but if it cant live a full life why let the baby suffer. I dont know what I will do if its positive. Me and dh have talked about it. I am 25 and he is 42. Its nice to see that I am not the only one this happens to. Have somebody to talk to !


6xmom - February 14

I was told at 17 weeks that there was a slight marker for DS and choose not to do further testing because it would not affect the outcome. At 36 weeks there were other signs on the sono that the baby had Down Syndrome so I was prepared for anything. My daughter was born almost a year ago and does have DS...she is absolutely amazing and I can not imagine my life without her in it! Children with DS are like all children...with love and guidance they will learn and they will thrive and watching them accomplish their goals is truly a gift! Life...what a beautiful choice!!!!


elkay - February 14

Hello everyone. I am 16 wk and 4 days and rec'd a call from my doc about the same thing today. Just the screening was positive. I am 27 and this is our first child. I go in for the level II u/s on Friday. I don't think that my dh and I will opt for the amnio if it is suggested. For those of you who have a child with DS, how did you cope? I've grown up volunteering with DS children and we always had a great time, but now that it might be my child, I'm so afraid.



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